Sanya Jinmao

Sanya Jinmao Farm Lab: A Wooden Latticed Framework Building Visioned by CLOU Architects

Horizontal and vertical frames lace a farmhouse, a research center, and a display arena. Sanya Jinmao Farm Lab designed by CLOU Architects presents a striking structural composition of grids and guides in Sanya City, Hainan Island. Nanshan Co-life Pavilion and Nanfan Exhibition Hall in the Nanfan High-tech Park exposes two multifunctional spaces with 6,900 square meters of total construction.

Rotating Triumphal Arch Envisioned by KATARSIS ab

Rotating Triumphal Arch revolves on such an inspiring idea of a rotating arch visualized and executed by KATARSIS ab in the courtyard of the Nikolsky market. Started as a paper project, the rotating triumphal arch emerged in the district’s heart of Kolomna, deep in St. Petersburg.

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