Foster + Partners releases construction images of China Merchants Bank HQ in Shenzhen

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China Merchants Bank

Foster + Partners has released images of the ongoing construction of China Merchants Bank HQ in Shenzhen, with the building now topped out.

The design of the building’s southern facades is inspired by the geometries of traditional Chinese paper folding, which is a really important part of the country’s culture. On the other hand, the building’s northern facade is characterized by its simple form, like a contrast to the other side of the structure.

“The new tower is a unique addition to Shenzhen’s urban fabric and will be an enduring symbol of China Merchants Bank. The building’s wide curved windows offer spectacular views of Shenzhen Bay. Cut to reflect the light, they glisten in the sun and reflect movement in the sky above them. We want to capture the warmth of sunrise and sunset on the building’s surface – so that the appearance of the tower is constantly changing and never appears the same way twice.” said Grant Brooker, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners.

The tower’s exterior combines glass and stainless steel, designed to reduce energy consumption through a modeling process that balances solar shading, daylight, and thermal loads.

The ground level features a complex ceiling made of textured stainless steel, which contrasts with simple stone walls. The building incorporates water features and greenery to connect occupants with nature.

The mixed-use development on the south side of the site complements the surrounding urban area. It features retail and cultural facilities, offices, a hotel, and a conference center. A central axis connects the public park with the tower, and two new plazas intersect with it.

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