Building our Future with AI – Tim Fu

AI has made an impactful debut in the world of architectural design, but how can today’s architects adapt to leverage the advantages of this technology?

Parametric Intelligence – Studio Tim Fu

We are back with Tim Fu and launching an all-new course module! We have two options of participation, and all attendees will receive interactive PDF with extensive prompting techniques and advanced workflows for Midjourney and LookX.

Beyond Geometry

Beyond Geometry – Studio Bryan García Agudelo

The goal behind the two-day workshop is for participants to leave with a strong understanding of how the software works and how it can be implemented into the design process of any project.

Revit Flow 1.0 – Digital Members

Revit Flow 1.0 is an introductory exploration of Revit, though it deviates from the conventional path of standard software tutorials.

ArchAdemia – Parametric Architecture Masterclass

Embark on a thrilling journey into Parametric Architecture! Harness the power of industry-leading software, Rhino & Grasshopper, to recreate the architectural marvel of Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Centre.

Cyber Pavilion

Cyber Pavilion – Studio Jan Wilk

Cyber Pavilion focuses on the development of the topology of the pavilion as an architectural form and embedding it in an urban scenario.

Midjourney Design – Studio Tim Fu

Midjourney Design will teach how to undertake commissioned projects using AI, learning to curate, evaluate, and critique their results towards their own goals.

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