parametric modeling

ArboSkin Pavilion made by ITKE

Made From a Bioplastic Containing Over 90 Percent Renewable Materials, The spiky Modules Used to Build This Curving Pavilion in Stuttgart, Germany Made from a

Neri Oxman’s Wearable Structures

Neri Oxman’s Wearable Structures for Interplanetary Voyages Neri Oxman‘s team at MIT Media Lab Creates Wearable 3D-printed Skins for Interplanetary Voyages. Wanderers, An Astrobiological Exploration

Stingray by Apical Reform

The Stingray by ApicalReform respects the greatness of nature and seeks to capture the beauty and movement of stingrays in slow motion.

Sigmund Freud Pavilion by Christoph Hermann

Sigmund Freud Pavilion by Christoph Hermann in Vienna, Austria The urban site conjures the common architectural dilemma of how to amalgamate the antagonising spatial qualities of

Cheekwood Playhouse by Gould Turner Group

3d Printed Installation, Cheekwood Playhouse by Gould Turner Group in Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Nashville, Tennessee, USA in 2016 Gould Turner Group partnered with Branch Technology to create

3D Printed Urban Cabin by DUS Architects

3D Printed Urban Cabin by DUS Architects in Amsterdam, Netherlands The 3D Printed Urban Cabin rethinks intimacy and individual space within the city. A precise insertion

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