May 25, 2023

Bugatti unveils the world’s first-ever Bugatti Residences in Dubai

Bugatti, the famed French luxury vehicle brand, recently announced a collaboration with Binghatti Properties, a leading real estate developer in the UAE, to showcase an amazing idea that will redefine the concept of exquisite living: the world’s first Bugatti Residences.

3D-printed design approach for restoring traditional homes in China

A group of students and researchers from the University of Hong Kong exhibit their 3D-printed “Traditional House of the Future” as an inventive concept that embodies the fusion of conventional and cutting-edge construction techniques and meets the changing demands of a rapidly expanding way of life.

Adobe integrates Firefly Generative AI into Photoshop

Firefly was released six weeks ago and has quickly become one of Adobe’s most successful beta launches. After that, a few days ago, Adobe released new AI integration which only works in Photoshop (beta).

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