Dragonfly 3D Printed Dress

Dragonfly, a 3D Printed Dress Designed and Fabricated by Oleg Soroko and Mintsev Kirill Dragonfly, is a 3D printed dress designed and fabricated by two

Digital Substance by Oleg Soroko

Digital Substance The Digital Substance of Oleg Soroko was generated by algorithms in Rhino3D and Grasshopper3D. Russian artist and designer Oleg Soroko of AfterForm explores

Competition Winning Mixed-Use Design; Silhouette by MVRDV

The famous Dutch architecture office MVRDV has been chosen as the winner of the international competition by GK Osnova, which will be built in the city center of Moscow, Russia and at the same time will be adjacent to important historical buildings. The mixed-use complex which has named Silhouette with 52.000 m2 is expected to be one of the new symbols of the Moscow.

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