Solar Trees Marketplace

Koichi Takada Architects: Crafting the Biophilic Solar Trees Marketplace

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Solar Trees Marketplace

Imbibe yourself in a nature-friendly environment spun by biophilic structures! The Solar Trees Marketplace is an inspirational natural diversity envisioned by Koichi Takada Architects in Shanghai. The design proliferates an evergreen benchmark, as the vision illumes using solar energy and pare a sustainable future. Soaring three stories, integrating artificial and natural vegetation, the marketplace notches up as a gateway to Shanghai Tian An Caobao Road.

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Thirty-two trees are elevated to ensemble a canopy of timber branches, springing the concept of open design visualized into a natural public arena. Sweeping an area of 3,450 square meters, the market imbues modular stalls reminiscing traditional Chinese markets as a communal space. Solar panels are intricately positioned on the translucent canopies, and the design predicts achieving the status of ‘carbon neutral’ by 2060.

Solar Trees Marketplace

Koichi Takada liked to say, we want to humanize the buildings within the district to be more engaging to the general public and contribute to the regeneration of communities and their neighbourhoods. We want architecture to celebrate cultural identity alongside encouraging pedestrian activities and a more walkable and liveable city.

Solar Trees Marketplace

Stretching an area of 155,000 square meters, the residential units are systematized in colloquy with landscapes and inhibit thriving environments relishing in soulful sustainable harmony. The fabricated trees mounted atop the footpath trickles diffused light to fall and shades the scorching rays, enlivening the market stroll experience for the people. Colour-coding various flora species identifies and distinguishes neighbourhoods; indeed, they form a guide for the residents to their hearty home.

The Solar Trees Marketplace weaves an assorted mix of fabricated organic design and a boulevard of native trees. The green spine blooms as a natural haven with three thousand trees and shrubs indigenous to Shanghai. In succession along the corridor are fifty camphor trees inviting you into the spirited market along with white magnolia, ginkgo, and Chinese hackberry, creating a new vision to green and colourful life.

Solar Trees Marketplace
Solar Trees Marketplace

The Solar Trees Marketplace is an alluring inspiration of coupling nature to envisage a more habitable atmosphere. The philosophy of humanistic architecture reflects in the holistic and collaborative approach to prosperous communities. The initiative is to transform skylines and cityscapes to enrich lives and relationships with architecture and nature, thus revitalizing Planet Earth. Koichi Takada believes form follows nature, simple observations of the natural environment; can inspire and clutch to an all-embracing shift to our contemporary living.

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