MicroNature Pavilion creates an immersive and interactive experience

MicroNature is a public art installation created by EID Arch Jiang Ping Studio for Design Shanghai / Xintiandi Design Festival 2022. Create an immersive and interactive experience with a strong sense of sensibility and create fun in the neighborhood, and stimulate the imagination of rejuvenating the city through acupuncture-like intervention.

ABB opens new robotics factory in Shanghai

ABB has opened a mega 67.000 sqm robotics factory in Kangquiao, Shanghai, China. The new factory is flexible, and modular production cells are digitally connected and networked.

Lankuaikei Agriculture Development Headquarters Visualized by MVRDV

Imagine a building of terraces and garden composing a stimulating and enriching space to work and cherish. Lankuaikei Agriculture Development Headquarters (LAD) in Shanghai, visualized and stacked as an 11-storey terraced office building by MVRDV imbues so much to explore and rejoice. Knitting high and low-tech sustainable strategies woven by a swooping parametric roof showcasing the agriculture technology company in lustre. At the centre of Lingang New Town, the building embellishes as an agricultural oasis surrounded by a lake in a rapidly developing urban area in Shanghai.

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