Future[tectonics]: Exploring Intersection of Technology, Architecture and Urbanism “In Future[tectonics], we have collected a set of insightful articles that showcase our commitment to creativity and innovation. It presentes a synthesis

Explained: What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Let’s discover the interesting story of Artificial Intelligence, from its ancient mythological roots to the incredible advancements of modern times that will transform our world forever.

DesignMorphine Webinars 2

Our world nowadays revolves around data. Softwares and codes are weaving intricate webs of computational connections in immersive dimensions. Design tools and graphic systems constantly upgraded every moment invites an

DesignMorphine Webinars

The journey of a design begins by the stir on our minds via flaming imaginations, streaming creative concepts, structural theories and philosophies beyond, but visualizing these delightful creations on an

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