Silkworm-Spun Pavilion II By Neri Oxman Exhibited In MoMA

In the Material Ecology Exhibition at MoMA in 2020, Neri Oxman‘s Silkworm-Spun Pavilion II, a thriving nature-centered idea and design, examined how people might advance technologically without endangering nature by

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

Take a look around your kitchen. Is it everything you always wanted? Do you find yourself wishing for just one more appliance that could bring happiness? If you find yourself

Best Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

Best Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen We can agree that granite has been the go-to material for many of our kitchen countertops. From its durability to its unique looks, granite

AA Visiting School Toronto/Boston

Duringt the Toronto Visiting School students will study how patterns form in nature and evolve over time, often as a direct result of an optimum load path that over time

DesignMorphine Webinars 2

Our world nowadays revolves around data. Softwares and codes are weaving intricate webs of computational connections in immersive dimensions. Design tools and graphic systems constantly upgraded every moment invites an

DesignMorphine Webinars

The journey of a design begins by the stir on our minds via flaming imaginations, streaming creative concepts, structural theories and philosophies beyond, but visualizing these delightful creations on an

PA Sense 13 – Shajay Bhooshan – Zaha Hadid Architects

PA Sense podcast interviews architecture and design pioneers and talk to them about their career, experiences, projects, and visions for future. On this episode we invited Shajay Bhooshan to join

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