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Introduction Panel

AI Creative Challenge 3.0

The fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and design technologies offers exciting new possibilities for creative expression. The AI Creative Challenge 2.0 aims to explore the synergy between human creativity and AI-powered tools, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Dalle2, in the rapidly evolving field of architectural design.


We are excited to announce the “AI Creative Challenge 3.0”, a global event that brings architects and designers together to push the boundaries of AI-driven design in architecture. The Challenge is to harness the capabilities of these AI tools to quickly ideate, visualize, and create conceptually impressive architectural designs. Highlighting the importance of human prompting and imagination. AI tools like Midjourney, Stable Difusion, and Dalle2 are essential for this competition because they enable rapid design iteration and visualization, fostering a deeper understanding of AI’s creative potential. By participating in this groundbreaking event, designers will join a dynamic community of professionals dedicated to advancing architectural design through AI-driven innovation.

Join our Membership and participate in the AI Creative Challenge 3.0 to be part of the future of architectural design. Register now and embrace the power of AI in redefining design possibilities.

Competition Topic

The Future Living Challenge: “Designing the Self-Sufficient Home of Tomorrow”

You can download the Competition Topic and Detailed Evaluation Creteria from this link.


The Winner:

  • €150 Cash Prize
  • €150 Coupon for use at PAACADEMY courses.
  • Publication on the PA website and social media platforms
  • Certificate

5 Honorable Mentions:

  • 50€ Coupon for use at PAACADEMY courses.
  • Publication on the PA website and social media platforms
  • Certificate
© Ila Colombo

Participation Guidelines

  • Join Digital Membership
    The challenge will be available for PA Digital Members. If you’re not a Digital member yet? Sign up for our Digital Membership Program to gain access.
  • Get the Challenge Topic
    We will have a 30-minute introductory panel with jury members to announce the challemge topic and design Creterias. once you become a digital member you will receive the invitation through your registered email.
  • Join Discord for Challenge Announcements:
    We will announce the challenge topic details, theme, and submission guidelines in Digital Members Discord in the “AI Creative Challenge” section
  • 200 hours challenge sprint
    Participants will have 200 hours to submit their final design via a PA Submission Portal, including their contact information, design images, and other relevant notes.
  • Jury Review
    Juries will check all works and pick 6 finalist projects.
  • Community Voting
    Shortlisted projects will be featured for voting on the ParametricArchitecture Site. All digital members will have the opportunity to vote for the winning project.

Submission Requirements

Submission require to fill out a Form which contains three main files as part of the competition entry: 

  • Exterior Design Image
    Name your file as ‘NameSurname_AICC3_Exterior.png’
  • Interior Design Image
    Name your file as ‘NameSurname_AICC3_Interior.png’
  • Concept Sheet
    For your third submission, you are free to use any medium you prefer, including collages, drawings, sketches, or mind maps, etc. This submission should detail the thought process behind your creations and illustrate how you incorporated AI tools into your design solution. Be sure to include your inspirations, the challenges faced, and the solutions you employed. This is your chance to showcase the depth of your creative journey and the innovative ways you’ve engaged with AI in your design work.
    Name your file as ‘NameSurname_AICC3_Concept.png’

Submissions must be done through the PA Submission Portal before the submission period ends. The deadline is indicated in the calendar.

All submissions must be in English.

No submissions will be accepted by e-mail or any other medium.

Learn more about AI in Architectural Design


Saturday, 11 November 2023

15:00 GMT – Introduction Session
15:00 GMT – Submission Starts

Monday, 20 November 2023

23:59 GMT – Submission ends

Thursday, 23 November 2023

14:00 – Finalist Announcement

14:00 – Public Vote starts

Monday, 27 November 2023

10:00 – Public Vote ends

16:00 – Winner Announcement

©Rolando de la Cruz


  • The competition is open to Digital Members.
  • Anybody working with ParametricArchitecture or associated with us is not eligible to participate or receive awards in competitions hosted on ParametricArchitecture. That includes working employees at ParametricArchitecture, jury members, community moderators or contract agencies, and their direct relatives.
  • The participants or teams will be disqualified in case of unethical practices or disregarding other competition rules.
  • Contacting the jury is strictly prohibited.
  • Plagiarism of any idea/design/image/text will be disqualified with a notice.
  • All images should be generated by AI tools such as Midjourney, DALLE-2, Stable Diffusion, etc.
  • Your membership status must be active during the challenge timeline.

Decision system:

The jury will select six finalists based on their established criteria, and then Digital Members will vote for the winning project in the Challenge.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Geographical Adaptability & minimal Environmental Impact:
    Design should consider the unique environmental factors of each location, such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, and even local flora and fauna to minimize ecological footprints using sustainable practices and materials.
  2. Independence from Public Utilities:
    Designs should showcase how the home operates independently, with alternative systems for power, Water Management:, and waste management, ensuring self-reliance.
  3. Community Integration:
    Designs should consider how the home interacts with and contributes to its community, including shared resources, communal spaces, and designs that promote social cohesion and collective sustainability.
  1. Food Production:
    Innovative solutions for self-sustaining food production, such as indoor vertical farming, permaculture gardens, and integration of local food sources, are essential.
  1. Emergency and Disaster Resilience:
    The design should account for various emergency scenarios, ensuring the home is resilient and self-sufficient during crises. This includes backup power solutions, food and water storage, and structural durability. 
  1. Adaptive and Flexible Spaces:
    Designs that incorporate modular or adaptable spaces to meet changing needs over time, such as expandable living areas or multi-functional rooms.
  1. Sustainable Mobility Solutions:
    Incorporation of sustainable transportation options, like electric vehicle charging stations or bike-friendly facilities, supporting eco-friendly mobility.

Jury Panel

Rolando de la Cruz

Rolando Cedeño de la Cruz is a Costa Rican/Chilean Architect and Senior 3D Artist. Graduating from Universidad de Costa Rica, he has a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & commercial retail design industry. He is skilled in architectural design, point of sale, exhibit, and furniture design. He has also been part of the Gensler 3D Architectural Visualization crew and is the founder of Aurik Exhibits & Retail Design and AI.METAVERSE.CR’s designs focus on creating spatial and sensory experiences vital to promoting the connections between people, their passion for life, and the notion of a prosperous future. Currently dedicated to innovative content development for the Metaverse and Design Conceptualization with AI.

You can also Check Rolo’s Previous Workshops at PAACADEMY: Dreaming With AI.

Ila Colombo

Ila Colombo is an accomplished Creative&Art Director and Design Strategist, with over 8 years of experience within the world of Design, Art, Interiors, Architecture, and Branding. Her unique perspective combines AI innovations, product & furniture design, digital artworks, museum exhibitions, art installations, and conceptual works that push the boundaries of creative innovation. With a passion for sustainable practices, algorithmic and biomorphic design, Ila has made her mark in one of the leading design studios in the world, Ross Lovegrove Studio, offering creative and art direction, design thinking, development, and strategy for projects related to commercial objects, speculative experimental works, AI iterations and applications, brand partnerships, and international exhibitions.

Hamid Hassanzadeh

Hamid Hassanzadeh is an Iranian architect, entrepreneur, researcher, and speaker. Since his graduation from architectural engineering in 2012, he has worked on multiple projects in Iran, Turkey, Russia, Kuwait, and the USA. Early in 2016, he established the ParametricArchitecture platform by starting it from Instagram. ParametricArchitecture, also known as PA, has become a globally recognized platform about parametric and computational design with more than +1M audience across the globe. Hamid is also founder of the PAACADEMY, an educational organization powered by ParametricArchitecture to spread the idea of computation in architecture and design. He is the host at PA Talks interview series with architects. During the past several years, Hamid has conducted dozens of workshops, conferences, events and interviewed many world-renowned architects about their works, methodologies, and their visions for the future.

Intellectual Property

All competition materials will be saved in the ParametricArchitecture Competitions files. ParametricArchitecture will have complete rights to publish and promote this material while always crediting the designers. The material could also be used on the platform for merchandising and exhibition.

The authors of the projects will retain full rights to their designs for any other purpose and will be asked to grant permission. By submitting a proposal, you grant ParametricArchitecture permission to use the material received in both printed and online publications.

ParametricArchitecture Competitions will also have the option to slightly modify any of the above-mentioned materials to better adapt them to the various formats and layouts that various publications may have.


For any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us here.

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