The winners of AI Creative Challenge 5.0 announced!

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We’re excited to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the global “AI Creative Challenge 5.0” event, where architects and designers pushed the boundaries of AI-driven design in architecture. This challenge aims to revitalize iconic landmarks using AI image-generative tools like Midjourny, Dalle 3, Stable diffusion, Runway ML, etc. Participants are encouraged to explore the intersection of tradition and future innovation to generate fast-sketching concept projects that embrace future development.

Challenge Topic: Temple for a Desert Festival in 2030

After receiving submissions, the jury, consisting of Arthur Mamou-Mani, Joshua Vermillion and Silvia Rueda, assessed them based on several criteria including Concept, originality, the use of AI tools and aesthetic appeal. The winning designs were characterized by a combination of creativity, technical skill, and a profound understanding of AI’s role in architectural design.

Here are the winners and honorable mentions of AI Creative Challenge 5.0. Congratulations to all the participants!

1st Place – Jenifer Haider Chowdhury

Project Title : The Desert Blossom
Tools Used: Midjourney, Runway ML, Look.X

Inspired by the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, my proposal is to design a temple for the Burning Man Festival in 2030. I tried to symbolize and visualize the essence and the main intention of this festival in the architectural features of the temple. The temple expresses a bonding and blending of two symbols. One is a helix symbol and the other is a blooming flower. Helix symbolizes self – resilience. And blooming flower means joy and pleasure.

The principles of the Burning Man Festival are radical inclusion, self-reliance, self-expression, communal effort, and leaving no trace. So ultimately being self-resilience with pleasure holds the meaning of all principles of Burning Man as a whole. Making strong bonds and coping with all people from different corners of the world in a joyous and celebrated way is the main essence of Burning Man Festival and I tried to give that message in the temple’s architectural expression.

Jenifer Haider Chowdhury © PAACADEMY

2nd Place – Marta Ali

Project Title: Bloom Bloom Temple
Tool Used: Midjourney, Chat GPT, Prome AI

Welcome to the “Bloom Bloom Temple,” where the desert sky meets the dance of life, and the heart of the cosmos beats within each of us. Inspired by the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, our journey begins in the vast desert, passing through a futuristic city where creativity and self-expression know no bounds and every walk of life is welcomed and cherished. Here, we discover the mystical Bloom Bloom Temple, a beacon of hope and resilience, embodying the spirit of the cycle of life. Inspired by the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, the temple features a dynamic structure symbolizing continuous growth and renewal. Its petals open and close in harmonious rituals, reflecting our emotional and spiritual transformations. Within the temple’s halls, we’re embraced by the rhythm of renewal, where memories bloom and energy flows like the desert breeze. Personal pods offer intimate sanctuaries for reflection and self-discovery, while interconnected public spaces foster community connection.

The temple’s enchanting transitions mirror our journey towards transcendence, celebrating the enduring power of love and the unbreakable bonds that connect us. By its full bloom, our spirits soar, and our hearts are bathed in the light of transformation. The Bloom Bloom Temple is a living testament to the resilience of the human spirit, inviting us to keep blooming endlessly—for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for humanity. In the heart of the Nevada desert, we find a place to heal, grow, and celebrate life’s endless cycle. Will you join us in 2030? Key features include construction with 3D printed biodegradable materials, flexible design with inflatable elements, solar power integration, and water conservation through rain harvesting and reclaimed water features, embodying sustainability, innovation, and harmony with nature.

*The text is summary of the original submitted description.


3rd Place – Akshay Kodoori

Project Title: The Temple of Convergence
Tools Used: Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Google Gemini,, Look.X, Prome AI

The Temple of Convergence (A gathering place for shared stories and transformation) The inviting bowl shape with inward steps naturally draws people closer together both physically and metaphorically. As visitors ascend the circular steps, they converge towards the intimate central space, fostering a sense of unity and connection. The enveloping geometry creates an environment that promotes vulnerable sharing, deep listening, and the bonding of a tight-knit community. This powerful shape symbolizes how embracing our differences while gathering in a radically inclusive sanctuary can forge profound human bonds and catalyze personal growth through the transformative power of togetherness.

Honorable Mentions

Jeannie Ombania

Tools Used: Midjourney, Runway ML, Chat GPT,, Adobe Firefly

My motivation for the temple design for the Burning Man in Nevada draws from the Torogan House’s rich cultural heritage and architectural wisdom. Originally a home for nobility, it serves as an open shelter for community gatherings just like the festival’s spirit of unity, radical inclusion, and communal effort. Using sustainable cogon and abaca materials highlights creative expression with flexible properties and eco-consciousness. Inspired by the ephemeral beauty of frost flowers, the design encourages participants to embrace the present moment. This fusion creates a space that celebrates cultural richness, environmental responsibility, and the transformative, immersive experience that defines Burning Man.

Jeannie Ombania ©PAACADEMY

Nareg Meydan

Project Title: Desire
Tools Used: Midjourney

Desire is a concept pavilion which aims to the greatest desire as we think of a dessert. As we think of a dessert we can not create a image which includes water. With this idea i aimed on the sea polution and tried to create awarness on this subject. Acording to netflix project “seaspiracy” %46 of the great pasific garbage is fishing nets. In this project i used gathered fishingnets to create domes of the temple and recycled wooden parts of ships to build the main structure. Layered fishingnets behave like lighting holes and with the movement of sun they create different light angles. With the great heat coming from sands “Desire Temple” can be spot for the festival people to rest in shadow and avoid the sun. The color palette and the material is inspired by cultural clothes of dessert people. In a crowded festival Desire Temple is not just a spot its also a place where there is no soundsystems no lightings and also no technological equipments. Its a escape spot where you can feel the sun and the dessert wind and be organic like a bedouin.

Bill Palomino

Project Title: The “Lumina Lavedula”
Tools Used: Midjourney, Chat GPT, Copilot,

The “Lumina Lavedula”, where radical inclusion meets fragrant self-expression, imagine a sanctuary adorned with lavender. Its delicate purple blooms sway in the desert breeze, releasing calming scents. Attendees gather around a central fire pit, where dried lavender bundles are ceremoniously burned. As the smoke rises, it weaves a communal tapestry, inviting introspection and connection. The incense, a tribute to self-reliance and sustainability, infuses the air, leaving no trace but memories of shared moments.

Jiří Šmejkal

Tools Used: Stable Diffusion

The initial inspiration was the shape of a seashell with its regular projections in a regular spiral. The intention of the mass of the temple is to draw visitors in a spiral from all sides and lead them into the common intimate space of the temple. The space thus calls for rapprochement, interaction, and experiencing a shared moment. The wooden structure, combined with digital design and classic carpentry, creates a spiritual interior space thanks to skylights and ambient lighting. Prompts are aimed at atmosphere, weather, light and harsh conditions. The design was modeled in 3d in Blender.

Jiří Šmejkal ©PAACADEMY

Mahek Khan

Project Title: Contrast
Tools Used: Midjourney, Chat GPT, Prome AI

The Philosophy behind the challenge of designing a “temple for a desert festival in 2030” centers on CONTRAST – infusing life and vibrancy into the barren landscape. Inspired by the resilience and beauty of coral reefs, the temple structure symbolizes growth and harmony amid adversity. Surrounded by small water fountains, it introduces a refreshing liveliness, making the harsh desert environment more welcoming. Bright, festive colors contrast with the desert’s monotony, creating an inviting atmosphere that celebrates life and community. This design philosophy emphasizes sustainability, cultural celebration, and the transformative power of art, architecture & humanity.


Anastasiia Luzgina

Project Title: The bubble archetype
Tools Used: Midjourney

The bubble archetype can be considered from different perspectives. It can symbolize oneness, akin to the Tao, or evoke the dreams of flying. Bubbles carry children to lands of make-believe, where fairies and elves represent a life of enchantment. As the shining soap bubble soon dissolves into thin air the archetypal symbol of bubble conveys – beyond the certainty of the body’s demise – the hope of the soul’s eternal life. However, the bubble that bursts suggests an elusive idea or a delusive scheme, denoting untrustworthiness and instability. We all need a safe bubble to feel protected, yet we also aspire to be part of a community. This means we must burst our bubble and, through our vulnerability, embrace new experiences. As a community, we also live in bubbles, such as information bubbles. Sometimes, we must leave these bubbles to see situations from different perspectives.

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