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Koohsar Apartment’s unique approach to nature-inspired design

Koohsar Apartment is a stunning example of architecture that blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings. To visually assimilate the building’s façade with the mountain landscape behind it, the design team began a blend-in approach to the proposed building.

Traditional Iranian architecture inspired modern coffee house by REMM Studio

Designed by REMM Studio, this building’s architectural design is inspired by traditional Iranian architectural forms such as arches. The concept design process began with the simplification of the previously mentioned forms; the shape of the arches was changed into three dimensions, and a new module was obtained.

PA Talks 06 – Alireza Taghaboni

Episode 06 of the PA Talks series on ‘Paradoxicality of Context’ with Alireza Taghaboni, founder of Next Office, includes an innovative take on the role of architecture in Iran today. Born in Tehran, Iran in 1977, Architect and lecturer Alireza Taghaboni commenced his university studies in 1995 at ‘Gilan University’, in the field of Architecture. Upon receiving his master’s degree in Architecture, he began the Ph.D. program at ‘Azad University of Science and Research of Tehran’ and graduated in 2007.

Qorveh House by ReNa Design

ReNa Design’s Qorveh House with Rhythmic Brick Facade in Iran Tehran based practice, ReNa Design has completed Qorveh House in the City of Qorveh in

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