HOMACCO, an Iranian calligraphy-inspired building by Arian Hakimi Architects

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Iranian-British Architecture firm Arian Hakimi Architects [AHA] has released the design for a mixed-use building, HOMACCO, in Shar-e-Ray, Tehran. A 10-story luxury tower is designed with the ambition to meet the highest standards of modern living at an affordable price. Named after a sacred ancient Persian flower as a symbol of creation, the prime design motif inspired by Iranian calligraphy employs the concept of transcending patterns into architectural literature [Façade modules] to enrich and push the design toward spatial rationalism.

The 29000 sqm HOMACCO building offers a variety of apartment sizes comprising studio flats and 2 bedrooms, topped by spectacular penthouses.

Due to the orientation and proportions of the plot, the massing is divided into two parts that are recessed and juxtaposed on the podium level. This functions as 4 in 1, first to facilitate self-shading on the façade, secondly to create huge private gardens for the first-floor apartments, and furthermore, to integrate/engage itself with the surrounding buildings and provide a better scenery for the residents.


Every apartment enjoys a minimum of 8m2 balcony and acts as an extension of the living room towards the city, creating an opportunity for shading and balancing good internal daylight and view with reduced heat gains. The majority of the units are around 60m2 featuring a highly adaptable multi-function partition unit which allows the residents to easily adjust and enhance the utilization and efficiency of the space.

Purified, clean, and confident, Inspired by Persian calligraphy. The main objectives behind the geometrical strategy of façade articulation were to bring beauty, pleasurable dimensions and renegotiate the relationship between inside/outside, and transform the building envelope from the surface into a spatial, porous, and filter-like element.

Defined as an architectural space seeking to foster a sense of human scale and the volumetric spatial unit, the geometric modules are clustered into a space-packing pattern to construct in which each individual unit is related to the human body.


The design language is further refined through penalization and geometrical rationalization and also in scale, detail, and material variation. Using Pre-Fabricated GRC panels expressed by cor-ten steel balcony ceiling fascia plays a key role in the identity of the building and is in fact borrowed from the traditional style of Persian architecture [Abyaneh Village].

Designed from the inside out and with particular attention to detail. All interior spaces, furniture, and objects have been particularly tailored design to offer a multitude of expressions, hospitality, and visual exploration to the occupants to make them feel like they are part of a unique form of living style.

From the pool/spa facility in the B2 level to the raised ceiling grand lobby up to the roof garden with structural walkable glass connected via an atrium. HOMAACO offers a variety of collective leisure activities, such as a health club, media room, café bar, kitchenette, banquet hall, outdoor garden, and spectacular co-working space. 700m2 furnished lobby with an elegant front desk and stone wall art installation.

Placing the primary entrance at the center of the podium not only eliminates unnecessary corridors but also opens out onto a new plaza, creating an active interface with the lobby and concealed co-working area at the mezzanine level.


Project info

Project Name: HOMACCO
Architecture Firm: Arian Hakimi Architects [AHA]
Competition name: ACCORAAC
Competition organizer: ROOTPLAT
Gross Built Area: ~29000m2
Project Location: Shar-e-Ray, Tehran-Iran
Lead Architects: Arian Hakimi, Nariman Nejati
Renderings credits: Niloofar Tahmasbi [AHA]
Design Team: Niloofar Tahmasbi, Adel Kimiamanesh, Saba Salehi, Elham Ghaderi, Raika Blolouri, Zahra Parsafar
Clients: ACCO

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