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Vali Konagi Street. No.12
Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey

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Author: Yagmur Sadic

  /  Articles posted by Yagmur Sadic
About The Author

Revit Content Specialist at Gehry Partners LLP Education: Bachelor's Degree, Master's DegreeSkills: Autodesk Revit ,

Developer / Computational Designer at AUAR Education: Bachelor's Degree, Master's DegreeSkills: Unity or Unreal Game

Mid-Level Architectural Designer / Complex Geometry at Theverymany Education: Bachelor's Degree, Master's DegreePosted on: Thu, Jan

UNStudio’s Vision for a Hyperloop Transfer Hub for Future Transit in Europe. The Dutch architectural

Houses in the Sky is a Highrise Residential Concept Designed by Anthony Lee Mull Anthony Lee

Designed by LASSA Architects, the Villa Ypsilon is a summer house nestled in a hillside

Marc Fornes of TheVeryMany Created Zephyr as a Shaded Meetup Point for Students at

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