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3D-Printing in Architecture

What is 3D-Printing? It is the process of creating physical items by layering materials based on the requirements of a digital model.

What is Parametric Design in Architecture?

As an algorithm-based method merging the design intent with the design outcome, Parametric design has been the most debated design approach among architects. It catches almost everyone’s attention by forming complicated geometries and structures through the interplay of elements. Therefore, this video explains the popular question of what is parametric design. The video explores the origins of parametric design and its applications, including the earliest instances of parametric design in history, major contributing architects, and the most recent software of the realm.

What is an NFT? Explained

As NFTs pushed back the boundaries of the marketplace in multidisciplinary fields over the past two years, providing a unique platform for artists who crave to exhibit their work, we felt the urge to delve into the world of NFT and clarify it for you on our Youtube channel. Hope you will enjoy the video above.

Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers And Becoming One of The World’s Best-Known Architects

Welcome to the sixth episode of Uncoverd, a video series by ParametricArchitecture. In this series, PA’s editor Luka Koumari reveals less known and exciting facts about iconic figures and projects in the architecture and design world. This episode of Uncoverd will be in memory of Richard Rogers, where Luka will go his story of winning the Pritzker award in 2007 to becoming one of the world’s best-known architects. Richard Rogers, who designed some of the world’s most iconic buildings, passed away in his home in England on December 18, 2021.

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