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Picture of Luka Koumari

Luka Koumari

Picture of Luka Koumari

Luka Koumari

What is Concrete 3D Printing?

With the proliferation of 3D printing, the construction industry embraced 3D concrete printing technology to build projects.

3D-Printing in Architecture

What is 3D-Printing? It is the process of creating physical items by layering materials based on the requirements of a digital model.

What is Parametric Design in Architecture?

As an algorithm-based method merging the design intent with the design outcome, Parametric design has been the most debated design approach among architects.

Yokohama Terminal, Serving as A Public Space

Opening up great possibilities of public space beyond transportation, Japan’s largest marine terminal, Yokohama International Port Terminal, is this week’s Uncoverd project.

What is an NFT? Explained

As NFTs pushed back the boundaries of the marketplace in multidisciplinary fields over the past two years, providing a unique platform for artists who crave

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