The most interesting game worlds recreated by developers

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Many game projects are famous not only for interesting gameplay and original mechanics but also for thoughtful and colorful game worlds.

The task of drawing a beautiful visual component is set before all game designers of large companies in order for the project to gain interest and fame among players and similar competitors.

Of course, there are exceptions, like Minecraft, which uses a primitive design, but due to its unique mechanics and almost absolute sandbox with unlimited potential, it won the hearts of gamers from all over the world for a long time.

But Minecraft is a one-in-a-million project, and the rest of the developers need to combine their efforts with designers to complement the gameplay with a beautiful picture – such requirements of 2023 will not work as before, and gamers demand not only an interesting plot and a lot of opportunities but also beautiful graphics.

Let’s figure out who managed to create the most beautiful design solutions from ordinary and online projects.

World of Warcraft

Despite its sometimes cartoonish appearance, the WoW world is distinguished by its versatility and various locations with various design solutions to make the territories unique.

Azeroth is built on the principle of constant additions that developers release and expand the game universe and introduce new, radically different locations so as not to be repeated and use new ideas not only from programmers but also from designers.

So, the last Dragonflight update at the moment received the theme of dragons, which means the predominantly red and orange tones that visually resemble fire. The last update was in the theme of Dark fantasy and was called Shadowlands, and one of the most popular additions – Wrath of the Lich King, was in the theme of ice.

You can personally try out the world of Azeroth by going to WoW and choosing an update in which you will upgrade your hero to do it faster and go to the Dragon Islands as soon as possible – new content that opens from level 60 – contact the Skycoach service for gold, pumping, or training.

Destiny 2

An interesting online shooter in the MMO genre, which is known for its space setting and very beautiful graphics of the world around and the planets that you can visit.

The project from the Bungie company will appeal to players who love not only pumping and shooting monsters that invaded their home planet but also the aesthetic component of the game – its graphics and locations, without being tied to specific tasks.

In the new update, the developers proposed the concept of Neptune – a new planet for the Destiny 2 universe that the player can go to continue the storyline and just walk around the 7th planet of the solar system.

Escape from Tarkov

If previous projects were fantasy shooters and MMO RPGs, then Tarkov is a classic shooter in the genre of survival and battle royale in a gloomy setting of abandoned cities.

Many players and aesthetes will not find anything beautiful in such a project, but its own atmosphere of hopelessness and darkness from the fact that the majority of people left these places, and the city became a place of hostilities gives a new experience and vision of the game, which the authors and designers are trying to convey to gamers.

You are waiting for the locations of the city and its environs, combat sorties in the laboratory, made in the spirit of abandonment due to the fact that constant hostilities between PMCs forced the inhabitants of the city to leave it, and scientists to curtail all research activities and leave their work and leave the laboratory, leaving it be empty.

Cyberpunk 2077

A new project from the company that gave us a developed and unique world based on books and the Witcher saga. The developers from SD Project Red proposed their concept of the world of the future and how it will look after 55 years, in their opinion.

The setting has a mixture of the world proposed by Luc Lesson in The 5th Element and the chip system and the world of the future, in which people live in full automation with the world of robotics and adapt to the new reality that people will face in the future.

The project is done in the style of cyberpunk – fully consistent with its name, when humanity achieves high technological progress against the backdrop of personal decline. In view of this, the setting will be gloomy but futuristic.

The Witcher 3

Another project from the Polish studio will offer players a meticulously recreated fantasy world in a medieval setting, with a bias towards fiction at the level of books and fairy tales.

The player will not only take on the role of the famous Witcher Herald but will also travel to many locations known to all fans of the books.

The player will visit Redania and Nilfgard, will travel through the lands of kmets and swamps, and fight with ghouls.

The designers especially tried to depict all the most important differences between the armies of the opposing sides, to detail the witcher himself and all the key characters, and of course, to recreate a large number of villages, caves, swamps, and castles as the most basic canonical places in the universe originally invented by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Diablo 4

Fans of dark and gloomy places where it is difficult to find a source of light and optimism will be able to experience the real pleasure of games in the style of Diablo.

You will start your journey in an ordinary village, which feels the obvious influence of dark forces on itself, and only the fulfillment of gradual instructions will allow you to get to the very truth and begin to change the general atmosphere and, accordingly, the design of all locations.

The first places of battles will be simple, as befits villages and farms, but the further the player will move away into dungeons, caves and darkness, mixed with the theme of the underworld – from where the invasion of ancient evil began.

The concept of Diablo has always changed depending on the act. The developers have always had to put a lot of effort into diversifying the players’ gameplay so that the locations do not repeat among themselves in as many moments as possible.

This is where the designers and card randomizers come into play. Deserts and snow-covered expanses and forests, cave passages, and, of course, the gates to the underworld are waiting for you.

With the cleaning of each chapter, you will move on to the next, and this will be a reasonable storyline accompanied by a beautiful graphic series.

By the way, for the new fortress mechanics, the designers have drawn new locations in the style of the Middle Ages, which you have to storm for the sake of rewards and control over the region.

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