Luma AI unveils a new text-to-3D model generator: Genie

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Luma AI has unveiled a new tool called Genie that allows anyone to generate realistic 3D models. The new tool can create 3D things from natural language prompts.

Genie is currently available for free on Discord similar to Midjourney. It is a tool that uses a deep neural network to generate 3D models based on a description given by the user. The generated models are available in GLB format, and the user is provided with a link to download them. The neural network has been trained on a large dataset of 3D shapes, textures, and scenes, making it a powerful and reliable tool for those who need to generate 3D models quickly and easily.

“The core belief at Luma is that all visual generative models need to reason and work in 3d to make videos, scenes, and worlds that look plausible and are useful,” said Luma AI’s co-founder and CEO Amit Jain.

Here is my first impression of Luma AI Genie, I was impressed and highly recommend this tool to check:

Luma AI
Stylized fantasy stone wall, highly detailed
Luma AI
window, Pixar
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