Adobe Stock officially allows images made with generative AI

Adobe Stock officially allows images made with generative AI
Green building with garden. Parametric solapunk eco-architecture. Green city sustainability. Ai-generated art illustration © by Tamara

Due to copyright issues, many companies such as Getty Images, and Shutterstock have completely banned the sale of AI-generated images. But, Adobe announced accepting images generated by artificial intelligence on Adobe Stock.

Adobe Strock is not going to accept all the images, it can be installed within the framework of the rules set by Adobe. You can find updated details on policies on the Adobe website. Yesterday, Adobe published new guidelines and AI-generated content is offered under the same licensing terms of Adobe as other sources of content.

Adobe Stock officially allows images made with generative AI
AI-generated image of a royal wedding in progress in a grand palace in ancient India © by Amith
Adobe Stock officially allows images made with generative AI
Magic red house in the forest. A place where magical creatures live. Treehouse, dreamland. Fairy tale night. Ai digital art illustration © by Tamara

“Adobe Stock contributors are using AI tools and technologies to diversify their portfolios, expand their creativity, and increase their earning potential,” senior director Sarah Casillas said in Adobe Blog. Alex Q states, “There is a way to integrate generative AI in the right way. With the scale that Adobe has, I believe they can do it right. I think it comes down to whoever does it first and how companies engage their communities with these tools responsibly.”

Creators must own property rights and read the terms and conditions for artificial intelligence (AI) tools before submitting their artwork to Adobe. Cannot post photos with logos, famous names, real places, or important people. Artists may obtain copyrights from AI-generated content if they comply with the terms and conditions.

According to Madison B, “I’m a believer in AI and I’m here for how AI will impact the future of Art. Some apps have become way better since I first looked at them – and I look forward to seeing how companies like Adobe integrate generative AI into Adobe’s creative tools.”

Cover Image: Tim Fu

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