Zaha Hadid Architects-designed West Line Cross-Jiangxi River Bridge nearing completion

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Jiangxi River Bridge

ZHA published details about the current situation of the West Line Cross-Jiangxi River Bridge. The bridge carrying the western section of the Chengdu Airport New Town ring road and cycle route across the Tuojiang River, a leading tributary of the Jiangxi River, consists of a 185-meter central span and smaller 55-meter spans connecting to either riverbank, resulting in a 295-meter road, cycle, and pedestrian bridge that gently curves as it crosses the river.

West Line Cross-Jiangxi River Bridge is made up of two major steel arches that rise from either side of the horizontal road surface. Arches are the most efficient bridge structure for spans between 120 and 250 meters. The arches lean together to meet tangentially at their crowns, which stabilizes the structure against lateral wind forces. The dynamic curvature of its supporting piers and abutments blends perfectly with the principal arches and road deck, creating a sculptural landmark within Chendu’s critical transportation infrastructure.

The bridge, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and built from locally manufactured prefabricated steel pieces spliced together with on-site welding, exceeds the criteria required for once-in-200-year weather conditions.

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