Which materials can be used to construct on Mars?

Human civilization has always shown a keen interest in the exploration of space. Every time we look up at the night sky, a fascination has always followed. Amongst the bright twinkling stars, we’ve always wondered about the very nature of our existence.

Life on Mars, but how? A few architectural considerations

The article explores the possibilities and challenges of colonizing Mars, including architectural considerations for human habitats, such as inspirations from the International Space Station, Moon architecture, and Antarctica research stations, as well as the potential for underground and overground architecture.

Scientists map the giant bubble that surrounds our solar system

We are all surrounded by a 1,000 light-years old huge “giant bubble” formed by the explosion of a dozen or so stars. The team of scientists, led by Theo O’Neill at the Center for Astrophysics (CfA) at Harvard & Smithsonian, has created “the first 3D map of the magnetic field on a superbubble.”

3D-printed Lunar structure developed by NASA and AI Space Factory

The primary function of LINA is to protect astronauts and critical mission assets from galactic cosmic radiation exposure, solar particle events, moonquakes, lunar dust contamination, and cryogenic conditions experienced during the lunar night.

Juno spacecraft spotted Jupiter’s third-largest moon

The Juno spacecraft, sent to orbit Jupiter 11 years ago by NASA, captured extraordinary images of Jupiter’s third-largest moon, Io. The last similar images of the 3,600-kilometer-wide satellite were taken about 20 years ago.

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