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AI Creative Challenge 3.0

a global event that brings architects and designers together to push the boundaries of AI-driven design in architecture. The Challenge is to harness the capabilities

10 eye-catching 3D printed chairs

3D printed chairs are a modern take on furniture design, utilizing 3D printing technology to create unique and intricate designs. They offer a combination of

Computational Design: NEXT 13

Computational Design: NEXT 13 brings together pioneers from all industries to discuss the new emerging technologies in architecture & design.

Computational Design: NEXT 2.0

Topic: COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN: NEXT 2.0Time: 26th & 27th September 2020, Saturday and SundayDay 1 Starts: 26th Sep, 12:00 GMTDay 1 Ends: 26th Sep, 18:15 GMTDay

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