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Digital Ecology – Generative City by PAACADEMY will make participants think about the relationship between the architecture and its context, the program and its environment, the building and the ground through speculating how architecture responds to the changing landscape due to variation of environment. The studio will run and lead by Soomeen Hahm and Hanjun Kim from Soomeen Hahm Design. 6-week long project based online studio by PAACADEMY.

We will start by building a digital landscape in a virtual environment using Unity, then generating a city on the virtual site. Participants will work with 2-3 teammates to progress their own approach and methodology to develop the city. The final proposal will be represented in an animated film, which will showcase the design of the building, the ground, and the context. Read more about the studio by clicking here.

What You Will Learn in Each Session:

Week 1: Learn Unity C# script basic Build terrain Create flocking objects

Week 2: Generate geometries Control geometries Control camera

Week 3: Basic UI Improve user experience and interaction Make an animation of people and objects Use AI navigation Project Review

Week 4: Sound effect Graphics improvement1: post-processing Project Review

Week 5: Graphics improvement2: Adding minimap + UI design Build PC/Mobile App Project Review

Week 6: Review/Discussion of final work



Soomeen Hahm:

Soomeen Hahm is the founder of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd. She is a design researcher, educator, architectural designer as well as a design faculty and a robotic researcher at SCI-Arc. Pursuing the fast-shifting computational paradigm in architecture across multiple scales and perspectives, her research and practice are focused on examining  the ecology of computational power, technology and human intuition and studying how this collaboration impacts the design industry and the built environment. Soomeen’s most recent work is on the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to execute complex and creative forms which are digitally created with human craftsmanship. This work examines and questions the future role of humans, robots, machines and computers in the age of AI. Approached from this strong academic driver, her practice bridges between academic projects and commercial practices.  Soomeen’s office practice provides expertise in conceptual design solutions that span from a range of small products to large architecture and urban design.  

Hanjun Kim:

Hanjun Kim is an architectural designer based in London, where he works as an associate at Soomeen Hahm Design Ltd. In addition to this, he is a technical tutor at the UCL Bartlett B-Pro program and a coordinator of the AA Visiting School Seoul. He completed his Masters of Architecture degree at the Architectural Association Design Research Lab in London. He explores the realms of computation in architecture and design, the methodology of interactive ways between humans and technologies, while his recent research focuses on the use of Augmented Reality and gamification in architectural fields. He specializes in scripting, generative design, digital fabrication, and multimedia production. More broadly, he is also interested in autonomous systems, spatial networks of human behaviour with machine learning and artificial intelligence.


More about the course:

Watch our interview with Soomeen Hahm to have more insights about what you will learn with this course: PA Talks 41 – Soomeen Hahm

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