Left Angle Partnership Exposes The New Hyperloop Campus

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Magnetically attractive loop visualized by Left Angle Partnership in collaboration with PADA Labs, and Mariana Cabugueira, is the new Hyperloop campus proposal in Nevada, United States. The structure resonates along the abstract lines of an infinity symbol, knitting the arid desert landscape. The new campus titled ‘Nucelus’ imagines rising above being a mere building to an aficionado sanctuary of science.

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The voluptuous and bodacious image of the Hyperloop Campus revokes ‘the impossible’ to become possible. The design intends to celebrate the ancient and always-de-renewed race in light of the most heartfelt and irredeemable ambition of our species: progress.

Crossed by two central axis defines its spatial zones stepping into outdoor landscapes. Furthermore, the outset of the exterior spaces aligns to the structural arcs. Fluidic interiors bring in natural light and ventilation into its bends and bounds. Large open to sky courtyards coupled with the forms inhabit revitalizing vegetation and waterscapes. In addition, they dwell on the visitor’s mood giving a soothing effect

The building has a seamless connection that subsequently leads from the ground uprising onto the roof. Enabling all-around access to experience the campus and the captivating landscape at the same time.

Digital screens as well as holographic images spur the interiors directing, guiding and instructing the users. Small circular concentrated seating, resembling ‘sitting by the fire’ provided at various levels incites conversation among the visitors. The bridges, walkways and other commuting areas empower visual connectivity and emphasis.

Project Name: Nucelus
Architecture Firm: Left Angle Partnership
Project Year: 2020
Project Location: Nevada, USA
Built / Unbuilt: Unbuilt
Build Area (m2 or sqft): 5000+

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