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LakeHouse By Wafai Architecture

Lake House, a Concept Design by Wafai Architecture | Vacation House for a Small Family

Turin based architecture practice Wafai designed the LakeHouse as a vacation house for a small family. The house is located in Switzerland on the lake Türlersee. It is supposed to be a vacation house for a small family including a couple and a baby on the way.

Wafai Architecture took the role as the designer in this project and visited the site to understand the best features of it.

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The inspiration of the whole project came from studying of the site and its unique features where the forest gets surrounded by water. The architect tried to use these features by contrasting and sometimes emphasizing on them.

The eye-catching part of the project is the wall which faces to the water. This wall with its unique glass and wood materials transforms itself into a roof along the building.

Rock House 3 by Amey Kandalgaonkar – Parametric Architecture

Rock House 3 is a fictional architecture project designed by Amey Kandalgaonkar ‘s on top of the desert rocks. Shanghai based architect reveals his designs on Instagram as a single post with seven images. Amey Kandalgaonkar continues his investigatory series of fictional architecture characterized by its radical relationship with its context.

This dynamic form of the house stands in quite a contrast against the lush forest behind. Also continues lines drive the eye sight to the forest and merge the house in the environment, gently without bothering the sky, forest and water scene.

In addition to the structure’s composition, the combination of wood and glass, provide a panoramic view of the forest and natural sunlight into the cozy neutral-colored interior spaces, all while feeling sheltered within the warm wooden-covered walls.

The project did not follow through for the construction stages as the client was not successfull on acquiring the land.

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Hamid Hassanzadeh is an Iranian architect, computational designer, researcher, and speaker. He studied his architecture education in Iran. With eight years of experience in this field, he worked on multiple projects in Iran, Turkey, Russia, Kuwait, and the USA. Early in 2016, he established Parametric Architecture magazine by starting from Instagram. Since then, he interviewed many architects and designers, conducted and supported workshops, organized events and lectures, and globally shared knowledge and information about computational and parametric design tools.

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