Georges Ouayjan uses AI to select a narrative for the Beirut explosion memorial

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Georges Ouayjan

Georges Ouayjan is a passionate Interior Architect and Designer who translates ideas and thoughts into forms and spaces, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to perfection.

The use of AI has revolutionized his creative process in interior design and architecture, enabling me to conceive, craft, and create architectural marvels. With the help of technology and design, Georges Ouayjan has explored uncharted territories, manifesting imaginative ideas in unique ways.

Georges Ouayjan considers the conceptual stage of problem-solving to be the most important. This is when creativity germinates, and ideas emerge. Especially Midjourney’s AI tools have played a pivotal role. These AI-driven solutions have magnified his brainstorming, with Midjourney’s intuitive interface and ability to generate diverse designs stimulating his imagination beyond conventional boundaries.

Georges Ouayjan

One standout project illustrating AI’s transformative impact is the memorial design for Beirut’s port explosion. The project demanded sensitivity and innovation to encapsulate the enormity of the tragedy and its intricate emotions. Midjourney emerged as a creative partner, translating pain, resilience, and hope into architectural expressions. AI-generated concepts swiftly explored various narratives, allowing him to select one that resonated profoundly with the memorial’s essence.

AI’s value extends beyond concept generation, proving indispensable for solving intricate design challenges. In Lebanon, a realm teeming with architectural potential yet entangled in challenges, AI has become his compass. AI’s capacity to analyze data and foresee potential design issues empowered proactive solutions. This predictive prowess streamlined his process and reinforced his reputation for innovative, problem-solving designs.

Georges Ouayjan

The consistency of Midjourney’s AI has been pivotal in seamlessly transitioning projects from exterior architecture to interior design. Achieving harmony and coherence via AI-generated designs has redefined his perception of spatial dynamics and inhabitants’ interaction. AI’s comprehension of human behavior and preferences enables environments to evoke emotions and cater to unique needs.

Reflecting on his journey, AI tools, particularly Midjourney, have become integral extensions of his creative mind. According to Ouayjan, they’ve expanded the horizons of his imagination, enabling functional, empathetic, and innovative designs. The Beirut port explosion memorial and numerous Lebanese projects exemplify AI’s capacity-wielding vision and expertise to actualize architectural dreams while addressing real-world challenges. With AI’s ongoing evolution, the future promises even more exciting possibilities, continually enhancing the confluence of design, architecture, and human experience.

*This text was provided by Georges Ouayjan and reviewed by the PA Editorial Team.

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