Final Presentation Of The “Meta-Fluid Studio 3.0” / Open To The Public!

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Meta-Fluid Studio 3.0:

The Meta-Fluid Studio 3.0 explores the quality and power of Fluid Design to conceive cyber-urban environments in a virtual natural environment. The goal was to create a virtual free-standing mansion designed by 24 designers teamed up in 4s. Combined, they will make a free-standing, fluid virtual natural field and prove the Multi-Author Urban Design to be the directionality for the future of virtual cities.

During this studio, the designers had acquainted with the 3d modeling software Autodesk Maya – the number one software for Fluid Architecture in the current real-life scenario – and Unreal Engine for the immersive experience of their designs. For the Meta-Fluid Studio, virtual environments are as natural as Physical environments. Together they enhance the fluid experience of space and push the boundaries of Fluid Design in Architecture.

Studio Instructors:

Mariana Cabugueira

Meta-Fluid Studio 3.0 - Mariana Cabugueira

After graduating from the School of Architecture in Lisbon and the Politecnico di Milano, she traveled to London to study design and technology at the Architectural Association School’s Postgraduate course: Design Research Laboratory (DRL) (AA).

Her research interests include Parametric Design, Generative Design, Digital Design, and Robotic Fabrication. Her final proposal envisions a cluster of structures in the heart of London that are dramatically diverse but physiologically related.

Mariana graduated from the AA School in 2017 and joined Zaha Hadid Architects. she was a Competition Cluster member, in charge of the Office’s High-End Design projects. She was a member of the Design Team for award-winning projects such as Navi Mumbai Airport, Western Sydney Airport, Chongqing Terminal 3b, Beijing Exhibition Center, and, most recently, Shenzhen Tower C. She is currently the director of Meta-Future at Wilder World.

Laura Massot:

Meta-Fluid Studio 3.0 - Laura Massot

Guest Juries:

Jennifer Durand

Jennifer Durand is a part of the Computation and Design Research Group at Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA CODE).  She is a certified Architect in Peru. She holds a master´s degree in Architectural Management and Design from the IE University in Madrid, Spain, and a bachelor´s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru. Before joining ZHA, Jennifer worked in her studio called OLA focused on web3 design, and in OVA focused on small to medium commercial and housing projects.

Jennifer also taught at Ricardo Palma University as the main professor from 2020 – 2022; she was an assistant professor at the same university from 2019 -2020. She has also taught different workshops about the application of technologies in design.

Her metaverse projects have been published in Parametric Architecture, and many channels, and newspapers. She has been invited to make in-presence presentations about her research and work at the South Summit Madrid 2022, London Design Week 2023, and Pecha Kucha at the Pub organized by the Archi – Tech  Network 2023. Her interest lies in metaverse design and ai-focused architecture.

Vamsi Krishna Vemuri

Vamsi Krishna Vemuri is a Frankfurt-based Architectural Designer and Art Director. He co-founded Futurly. Vamsi’s expertise and passion revolve around the intersection of Metaverse, World Building, Speculative Architecture, Immersive Media (XR), and Real-Time Visualization, constantly seeking innovative ways to create cutting-edge design projects. 

Through his work and collaborative research, he has developed various speculative and experiential design projects that have been exhibited on various platforms and design conventions across the world. Currently, he serves as a Consulting Art Director, working with different studios to develop real-time immersive experiences using Unreal Engine.

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