Combining technology and fashion: Two polymorphic robotic garments by Ying Gao

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Ying Gao

The work of Ying Gao is a critic of the deep transformation of the world we live in and possesses a radical critical dimension beyond technological innovation.

Bringing together fashion design, product design, and media design, Ying Gao questions our assumptions about clothing and is one of the leading figures in the fashion industry, with numerous creative projects presented in exhibitions around the world.

Montreal-based designer Ying Gao’s new works combine technology and fashion, she introduced “2 5 2 6“, her collection consisting of real robotic clothes with virtual appearances.

While the idea that inspired the futuristic collection is not entirely new, the way Gao implemented the idea is quite different.

Gao describes his designs as “Polymorphic”. The name of the collection, “2 5 2 6” refers to the 2,526 hours that the designer spent creating the collection.

Ying Gao

NFT, digital fashion, and virtual fashion were the main inspiration sources for the “2 5 2 6” project because the material universe does not limit them. The two polymorphic outfits of the “2 5 2 6” project are very authentic: they are made from specifically made woven, hand-screened, and unified materials.

Project Team

Fashion Designer: Ying Gao
Robotics Engineer: Simon Laroche
Studio Team: Espé Duenas, Marianne Frève, Ruochu Xie, Pascale Tétrault, Tommy Lecomte, Sarah Hontoy-Major, Roxanne Ouellet-Bernier
Blown Glass: jean-Simon Trottier
Textile Printing: Laurence Perreault
Director: Vincent René-Lortie
Cinematographer: Jonathan Auger
Models: Charlotte Bolduc, Amer Eman
Photography: Maude Arsenault

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