Airo Unveiled by Heatherwick Studio: An Electric Car That Cleans Air as It Drives

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The car that goes beyond. Airo presents a futuristic vision transforming the experience of travel and driving, designed by Heatherwick Studio for IM Motors. Thomas Heatherwick and his team unveiled Airo as a fully electric vehicle with autonomous and driver-controlled modes. Running on electric power with no fossil fuel emissions as it drives around. The car verve further in realizing an environmentally equipped state-of-the-art HEPA filtering system, that actively cleanses the air from the pollution of other vehicles. The curvy and sassy design enables air to pass through the under-carriage of the vehicle, parting and cleaning the surrounding air.

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Customizable and ravishing interiors. The car configures multiple functions inside, bestowing the ability to adapt normal seating spaces into a bedroom or a living room with a tv, enhancing the possibilities. Every detail accentuates the experience for the passengers and the world outside. An excellent choice of materials, imbibe salubrious comforts and aesthetic zeal. The car also represents a space to spend time even when you’re not on a journey.


Every seat can rotate from a traditional forward-facing driving position to face each other to indulge in social activities such as dining on the four-leaf table that can neatly fold away to transform the space into a lounge. The incorporated foldaway screen turns the interior into a perfect gaming pod and when you’ve exhausted yourself, the gorgeously contoured puffy seats fully recline to form an ergonomic double bed. The designers have infused the latest glass technology with a fully glazed roof that can turn opaque on command for total privacy.

The architects and designers at Heatherwick Studio have also scripted and visioned a charging station for IM Motors, which can incorporate as part of infrastructure development. Formed from industrial materials, uniting weathered steel, the charging station aims to become an element of the urban fabric for decades to come. The peculiar pipe-like design has a retractable wire and an ergonomic handle for seamless connection to electric vehicles.


Project Details
Project Name: Airo
Client: IM Motors
Car Dimensions: Length: 5m, Width: 2.1m, Height: 1.75m, Wheelbase: 3.4m
Group Leader: Stuart Wood
Project Leader: Tom Glover
Interior Designer: Charlotte McCarthy
Project Team: Sam Johnson, Matt Robson, Dirce Medina, Fabian Hubner, Elisa Simonetti, Ian Ng, Matthijs la Ro

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