AI-generated video game design assistant: Game Designer Bot

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Designed by Javier Camacho, Game Designer Bot is a video-game designer assistant where everyone can ask for advice, and get useful answers, ideas, and tips. It’s based on big trained language models – similar to GPT3 and ChatGPT – which allows for discussion and giving ideas and feedback with incredible accuracy and usefulness.

This Game Designer Bot is built using the services of, a website that allows you to configure chatbots with a great balance between simplicity and precision. Specifically, our bot is conditioned and trained so that it excels in conversations about game design, both formal and informal.

It can listen to your game ideas and guide you through the process of discovering new mechanics or improving existing ones. It can also give you ideas to start a game from scratch or explain different design techniques and theories. Always with a supportive and respectful approach.

According to Javier, One of the best ways to use the bot is to use it as a “rubber duck“. You can release all your ideas to it and it will help you organize them, reformulate them, and give you hints in other directions. It’s something that can’t be properly understood until you try it. Even so, you have to be careful! Many of the things he says that are not related to game design may be false or incorrect. There is still much to improve!

Game Designer Bot is free to use and doesn’t require registration (although you can do it for free to get infinite conversations space, save conversations, etc.). He hopes we find this a useful tool that allows the creation of lots of cool games! Try it here.

Javier uses the nickname Delunado on the Internet and from Spain. Professionally, he works as a VR Game Programmer, but his heart is in independent video games. For the past 5 years, he has dedicated his free time to participating in and organizing game jams and developing indie games with a small team, Dead Pixel Games.

Artificial Intelligence has been another of my passions since he started in computer science. His bachelor’s thesis was titled “New Trends in Artificial Intelligence for Video Games“, and although he doesn’t professionally dedicate himself to it, he always tries to stay up to date and find the maximum utility in the tools and advances of this field.

Javier Camacho also likes Open Source and sharing, so he spends time building free small programs, plugins, and software that everyone can use freely. So, he loves initiatives like what the team behind Stable Diffusion or Huggin Face are doing for the community regards AI!

Thank you Javier to explain the “Game Designer Bot” to PA!

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