NEOM announced its new coastal wellness destination, Norlana

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NEOM has announced Norlana, a modern, active lifestyle community in Saudi Arabia. The new destination will offer 711 properties, including mansions, apartments, and beach villas, which can accommodate 3,000 inhabitants. Also, there are plans to construct a 120-berth marina.

“Norlana is the most exquisite sweet of communities, a world-class luxury destination that is focused on putting people first,” said Chris Jones, Managing Partner Europe & Middle East at 10 DESIGN and architect of Norlana

“Norana is made up of four distinct communities. The heart of it in the marina is an exclusive residential Community for apartments and hotels,” said Rochana C Verma, Senior Associate at 10 DESIGN.

“Norlana has been designed to redefine contemporary and active living. With sport, health, and well-being at the core of this cutting-edge community, residents and guests will have every opportunity to experience their passions in this magnificent and environmentally sustainable setting.” states the press release.

“To stitch those communities together, creating a series of Pathways to allow everyone to walk was key,” said Jones, and Verma added to him, “Most cities are designed around cars. People are becoming more and more disengaged. Norlana is something different communities to experience a series of amenities and facilities that are very nicely threaded together. It’s a choreography of architecture and the topography. There’s something new to discover on every corner.”

In a previous announcement, NEOM unveiled the launch of three new destinations: Leyja, Epicon, Utamo, and Siranna.

“They say a lot of projects in Saudi Arabia can’t be done, they’re too ambitious. They can keep saying that, and we can keep proving them wrong,” said Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, in a Discovery Channel documentary.

In the same documentary, “If it succeeds, it will be a new Babylon, so to speak. And if it doesn’t succeed, it will be an interesting phenomenon,” said Peter Cook, founder of Cook Haffner Architecture Platform.

As reported a few weeks ago, NEOM has trademarked several names that will focus on providing hotels, wellness services, sports facilities, and other amenities named Utamo, Gidori, Xaynor, Jaumur, Zardun, Norlana, Aquellum, Siranna, Elanan, and Treyam. We are looking forward to new destination announcements.

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