NEOM unveils designers of the futuristic skyscraper Epicon

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NEOM has unveiled the designers of Epicon, which includes Leonard Milford, Chris Jones, Alexey Golbraykh, Sonja Stoffels, and Gwilym Wyn Jones.

The 10 Design team, led by Senior Design Principal Leonard Milford and Design Principal Alexey Golbraykh, has put together a collaborative effort. The project has also benefited from the contributions of Project Principals Chris Jones, Gwilym Jones, and Sonja Stoffels.

“Building the unbelievable. Building for the future” said Leonard Milford.

Epicon is a luxurious destination situated at the northernmost point of the NEOM coastline. It comprises two towers, one standing 225 meters tall and the other towering at 275 meters. The towers will house an “ultra-premium” 41-key hotel and luxury residences comprising of 14 suites and apartments. Epicon resort is located a short distance from the hotel and comprises of 120 rooms and 45 residential beach villas.

Project team

Senior Design Principal: Leonard Milford
Design Principal: Alexey Golbraykh
Project Principal: Chris Jones, Gwilym Jones, Sonja Stoffels
Architecture Team: Joyce Lo, Andrew Mowat, Bryan Diehl, Richard Stewart, Han Tang, Jenny Po, Rochana Verma, Bauke Albada, Suchart Ouy, Sean Yuh, Karol Kurzak, Donncha O’Brien, Darren Lee, Luke O’Callaghan, Thien Ly, Fei Hong, Ross Cochrane, Fraser Docherty, Zhi Xia, Benny Leung, Warin Thaisuwan, May Manosong, New Charoensawasd, Kaylee Hyun, Allison Li, Gin-Joen Yau, Serhii Zvaholskyi, Jason Jia, Murphy Ho, Xavier Chan, Jomar Haspela, Mark Liang, Luisa Wang, Rumen Yosifov, Andrea Grossi, Chloe Cai, Haochun Zeng, Jade Tan, Joshua So, Sikou Qiu, Wilcie Cho, Azhar Khan
CGI Team: Chris Skinn, Simon Ng, Tony Lai

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