Mirian Studios explores the intersection of industrial design and architecture through AI

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Mirian Studios
Cotton Dreams

Nareg Meydan is an Istanbul-based Industrial Designer and Interior Architect, founder of Mirian Studios, who actively uses the potential of artificial intelligence to bring his furniture designs to life. He believes that incorporating niche furniture into his interior design is essential for the completion of customer experience.

In 2023, Nareg began using various AI tools to bring his design ideas to life. His project, “Cotton Dreams,” is a visualization of his childhood dreams. As a child, Nareg used to buy colorful cotton candies from salesmen. One day, he bought a green candy and put it in his backpack. When he got home, he found out that the candy had been smashed by his schoolbooks. Nareg then unpacked the candy, started playing with it, and gave it different shapes. It was always his dream to shape things like that cotton candy. He explained his design ideas using these words.

When he started using Midjourney, his first ever big collection was his cotton candy-based couches. He shaped couches like unpacked cotton candies and used the colors when he was a child.

Besides this project, he also tries to design with recycled materials and 3D printing. In his further projects, he designed furniture with recycled materials like wires and different shapes of recycled glasses. He explains that he likes to create series with unique pieces. When someone buys these pieces, he just doesn’t want them to be just a regular furniture piece. It must be a unique thing, and It has to attract some attention.

Through his education, Nareg entered a new world called ‘Arch-i Cookture’. He tries to design fine dining restaurants and cafes with end-to-end futures. His studio starts with the main idea behind the restaurant menu visualizes the logo, and then designs the graphical assets like drinking menus and beverage menus. They then design the cafe’s interior or restaurant, which gets along with the logo and menu.

Arch-i Cookture: Psamathia

There are many restaurants and coffee shops that can be confusing until you check their menus. The way a place looks and feels can have a big impact on how the food tastes and how much you enjoy the entire experience. There’s a concept project currently being developed called ‘Psamathia‘, which is a Mediterranean restaurant that offers unique tastes of Spanish, Armenian, Greek, Italian, and Turkish traditional foods, as well as Moroccan and Anatolian spices. Even the visualization of the food and plating is done using AI tools to create a completely new experience with the help of AI tools. What’s exciting is that every piece of interior design is unique and done with AI tools, as Nareg explains. On the other hand, a menu of the project was created in collaboration with real chefs.

Mirian Studios has a vision to create innovative projects that bring his carefully-crafted AI-generated furniture and even plates to life. As a multidisciplinary designer, he strives to blend various tools and design concepts to create practical and functional designs.

*The text was provided by the designer and reviewed by the PA Editorial Team.

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