The Mediterraniean Triangle, a spiral timber structure by MEF University students

The Mediterraniean Triangle, a spiral timber structure designed by MEF University students and consulted by SO Istanbul in Antalya, Turkey for International Architecture Biennale 2017. The project was supported by Asmaz Timber.

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Mediterraniean Triangle is a structure designed to test the spatial power of fhe shadow in one of the spots which Antalya watches Mediteraniean. The wooden triangles create changing light and shadow.

Its purpose to increase relationships between people, sky, sun and the view in the public space. The structure is located in Antalya Karaoğlu Park.


Project Office : MEF University

Design Team : Aras Kalkan, Ayberk Ozdemir, Dilsad Turna, Eren Hatice Gedik, Gamze Adıguzel, Merve Akdogan, Osman Faruk Akkum, Rumeysa Aksoy, Serpil Kardas, Sengul Has

Client : International Antalya Architecture Biennale

Consultant : Asmaz Timber

Prime Contractor : Asmaz Timber

Project Maneger : Sevince Bayrak, Oral Goktas

Statical Project : Asmaz Timber, Mehmet Akif Asmaz, Omer Rahmi Peksu

Project Year : 2017

Area : 58 m2

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