Taiyuan Botanical Garden

Taiyuan Botanical Garden; A Timber Lattice Greenhouses by DMAA

Taiyuan Botanical Garden was initiated to fulfill the desire of transforming a former coal-mining area into a landscape park that functions not only as an essential model for landscape design but also provides access and information about natural ecosystems by including a building infrastructure that can be used for research.

Drift Bridge Crafted in Timber and Steel by Volkan Alkanoglu

A bridge aspires to be a passage, a bond, a way to join hands and become united. Drift, a timber-and-steel pedestrian bridge designed by Volkan Alkanoglu, in Fort Worth presents a simplistic vision that crosses beyond boundaries. Drift unveils as an innovative example of plug-and-play urbanism, an emerging sustainable and affordable design strategy that proposes to execute infrastructural elements off-site and dropping them onto the site. Volkan and his design team fabricated the bridge off-site with a projected installation time of a few hours.

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