MASK reveals the world’s first 85-meter hydrogen-powered superyacht

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MASK Architects unveiled the design for “ONYX H2-BO 85,” the world’s first 85-meter superyacht that is powered by hydrogen. This boat not only starts a new era of eco-friendly yachting but it also raises the bar for luxury and care for the environment.

This comes at a time when the maritime industry is focusing more on sustainability and lowering emissions. This innovative superyacht cleverly combines electrolysis to make hydrogen with hydroelectric turbines, offering a one-of-a-kind way to generate power while cruising short distances with minimal impact on the environment.

The yachting industry is going through a big change with the addition of a hydrogen production system powered by hydroelectric turbines. ‘ONYX H2-BO 85’ doesn’t release any harmful gases into the environment because it uses the energy-efficient process of electrolysis through hydroelectric turbines. This makes the marine environment much better and lowers the yacht’s ecological footprint while it’s sailing. Hydroelectric turbines are more energy efficient than regular generators because they use the kinetic energy of the water around them.

Inside the superyacht, the design is modern and elegant, with custom features that will please even the pickiest tastes. From the luxurious cabins to the plush lounges, every room gives off an air of refined sophistication. The inside of the “ONYX H2-BO 85” is carefully made to provide the highest level of comfort and beauty. Well-known interior designers have carefully chosen every detail, combining luxurious materials, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly elements to make a warm and green space.


In a time when environmental laws are getting stricter, the fact that an onboard hydrogen production system was added shows that MASK architects are truly committed to sustainability. “ONYX H2-BO 85” is ready to lead the industry toward a greener future by meeting the strictest environmental standards.

Here is a step-by-step guide by MASK for producing hydrogen onboard a superyacht using seawater:

Seawater Intake: Install a seawater intake system on the yacht to draw seawater from the surrounding environment. This system includes a pump and filters to ensure that the seawater used is free from contaminants that could damage the electrolysis equipment.

Pre-Treatment: Seawater typically contains impurities like salt, minerals, and other particles. Before electrolysis, it’s essential to pre-treat the seawater to remove these impurities. This can be accomplished using filtration and desalination systems.
Electrolysis Chamber: Set up an electrolysis chamber onboard the yacht. This chamber contains two electrodes, typically made of materials like platinum or iridium, which are immersed in the pre-treated seawater. These electrodes are connected to a power source.


Apply Electrical Current: Pass an electrical current through the seawater by connecting the electrodes to a power source. This electrical current causes the water molecules to break apart into hydrogen and oxygen gases.

Collection and Storage: Collect the hydrogen gas that forms at the cathode (negative electrode) and separate it from the oxygen gas produced at the anode (positive electrode). Store the hydrogen in suitable containers or tanks.

Safety Measures: Implement safety measures, as hydrogen is a highly flammable gas. Adequate ventilation, leak detection systems, and safety protocols should be in place to handle and store hydrogen safely.

Use of Hydrogen: The produced hydrogen can be used as a fuel source for various purposes on the yacht, such as powering engines, generators, or fuel cells. It can also be stored as a backup power source.

MASK claims that the ONYX H2-BO 85 is a major advancement in environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, onboard comfort, and financial savings. In today’s world, where environmental awareness is paramount, this state-of-the-art technology makes the yacht the top choice in the marine industry. Sail towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future with the ‘ONYX H2-BO 85’ yacht.


Project Info

Design Firm : MASK architects
Collaborators: ALCHEMIST Studio
Team: Cinzia Nieddu, Alberto Barroccu, Simone Sanna, Carlo Spano

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