Mario Cucinella Architects

Mario Cucinella Architects & WASP Revealed 3D Printed Homes in 200 Hours

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Mario Cucinella Architects

Rounded Earth homes enliven the natural habitat living. Mario Cucinella Architects in collaboration with WASP, 3D printing specialists in Italy. They revealed the first 3D-printed homes in 200 hours. Moreover the team used raw earth, which is entirely natural, recyclable, and a carbon-neutral material. TECLA, The circular housing prototype was built in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna, Italy) using multiple synchronized 3D printers.

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Integrating the words ‘Technology’ and ‘Clay’ forms – TECLA. They seek to maximize the standard yield of raw earth through digital fabrication. A double dome solution indeed acts as the structure, roof, and cladding. Furthermore, the concept simplifies the process, minimize resources, and reduces construction time.

Mario Cucinella Architects

Crane WASP utilizes a software capable of augmenting movements and evading collisions. Coupled with two printing arms to cohere and function in symbiosis. A modular and multilevel system configures each design. Also grants immense possibilities and breaking complexities. Each printing unit has a printing area of 50 square meters. In addition, it enables the building of independent living modules of any shape in a matter of days.

The TECLA project took 200 hours of printing, 7,000 machine codes (G code), 350 layers of 12 mm, 150 km of extrusion, 60 cubic meters of raw earth, and an average consumption of less than 6 kW. The design inspired by a potter wasp lays the foundations for the creation of the prototype. Besides this increases efficiency and gives massive sustainable habitats.

“A paradigm shift in the field of architecture, meeting the needs of people and finding an answer for the ‘Earth’ within the ‘earth’,” says Mario Cucinella. In addition, he terms it as an alliance between empathic architecture and the application of new technologies.

Mario Cucinella Architects

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