Jönköping Station by Erik Giudice Architects

Jönköping Station

Erik Giudice Architects‘s proposal for the Jönköping Station in Jönköping, Sweden. Text description provided by architects. The philosophy behind the design of the Jönköping Station is based on the connection between the city of Jönköping and surrounding nature demonstrated through the use of a light and playful wooden canopy structure, partly transparent and open towards the city on one side and Munksjön lake on the other. The matchstick structure pays homage to the city’s past as Tändsticksstaden, famous matchstick capital of Sweden.

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Jönköping Station

Nature is calming and soothing. Lush urban green is a perfect match for a busy transit hub. Evidence is mounting on the how effective urban nature is by calming and refocusing the stressed and hyper busy mind. With trees we bring immediate visual exposure of nature – and flowering plants and shrubs draw in birds and insects and thus sounds of nature. This complements the organic wood structure ‘our living room in the forest’ and makes it truly come to life.

Jönköping Station

Jönköping Station

Using a combination of wood and polycarbonate panels, this iconic structure will provide shading, sunlight and natural ventilation while protecting against the elements. 

Jönköping Station

The organic nature of the design offers the station a strong identity and the elevated platform coupled with the semi-transparent cover will give the traveler arriving aboard the high-speed train an instant view over the surrounding lakes and forests. 

Jönköping Station

The station will offer Jönköping instant recognition on the new high-speed railway link and in line with the ambitions stated in the Design Vision, Jönköpingstaden och sjöarna.

Jönköping Station
Jönköping Station
Jönköping Station

Client: Jönkoping Municipality
Programme: Conception for a train station
Architect or Architecture Firm : EGA | Erik Giudice Architects
Completion Year : 2016
Built Area (m2 or sqft) : 10 000 sqm
Built/Unbuilt : Unbuilt
Project Location : Jönköping, Sweden
Erik Giudice Architecture Team: Nicolas Millot, Thibault Moncorger, Gustav Magnusson, Yvonne Caragounis, Ayaka Uezemi, Gustav Magnusson
Project Team: Large infrastructures & hight speed rail :Systra/ Sustainable development engineer: Calluna/ Urban planner: Noema
Images: LMNB / Aleksander Hońca

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