Future Space Pavilion by Peter Pichler Architecture

Future Space Pavilion by Peter Pichler Architecture in Milan, Italy

The symmetrical structure is inspired by the extraordinary quality of the Renaissance proportions of the courtyard of Ca’ Granda and plays with the fundamental elements of Renaissance style: Symmetry, proportion, and geometry.

The project explores the potential of the material presence of wood in a non-typical “building” environment as a structure that should transmit a spatial experience. The installation reflects our studio thoughts about future spaces: sustainability (wood as material), structure and spatial emotions.

Three separate wings gradually changing in height by simply stacking and rotating different lengths of wood sticks (1.600, form a pyramid-like ensemble.  Visitors are invited to enter and explore the cave-like installation.



Architects : Peter Pichler Architecture

Location : Biblioteca dell’Istituto di filosofia e sociologia del diritto della Facoltà di giurisprudenza dell’Università degli studi di Milano, Via Festa del Perdono, 7, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Design Team : Peter Pichler, Gianluigi D´Aloisio, Daniele Colombati

Project Year : 2018

Photographs : Oskar Dariz

> Via Peter Pichler Architecture

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