Foster + Partners to design a new center for Hangzhou

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Foster + Partners has been announced as the winner of the international competition to design a new center for Hangzhou. The design features extensive landscaping along the central axis, creating a leafy spine that guides people through the district. Additionally, green spaces bookend the site, with a new public park located to the north and a new cultural hub that is sensitively connected with a wetland to the south.


“We are delighted to have won the competition to design a new center for Hangzhou, a beautiful city with nature at its heart. Our design stemmed from extensive public consultation – and is all about developing a sustainable new urban quarter, which establishes new connections with nature and makes it a part of people’s everyday lives,” said Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners.

“The masterplan is organized around a 2.5-kilometer central axis that runs the full length of the site, from north to south. The axis intersects with different bodies of water, generating five distinctive zones with unique characteristics. Each zone celebrates the city’s relationship with water in its various forms, from streams and lakes to canals and wetlands.” said Bruno Moser, Head of Urban Design at Foster + Partners.

The project aims to achieve China’s 3-star green rating, as well as LEED and WELL Community Gold certification.

“Our masterplan creates a balanced 24-hour district where people can live, work and play. We are providing a rich mix of public amenities – including offices, nurseries, sports facilities, and a shopping center – in close proximity to vibrant, human-scale neighborhoods,” said ​​Martin Castle, Senior Partner, Foster + Partners.

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