Enter Projects Asia Presents Billowing Rattan Columns In Bangkok’s Spice & Barley’s Interiors

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Billowing Rattan Columns

Enter Projects presents a new riveting interior exposition of an installation in billowing rattan columns weaved for Spice & Barley at the riverside in Bangkok. The client minor international seeks to embrace and stimulate innovation and eco-awareness for the work of sculptural rattan work. Incorporating the heritage of the local context, the initial concept of the lounge restaurant encircled around the local historic tale; the adventures of three sisters, May, Zaza & Fei who were born in Sichuan decades ago.

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Billowing Rattan Columns

The story of the three sisters was explored in depth by the design team to compose an inspiring design narrative, knitting the past and present in a ceremonious web of opulent and statuesque billowing rattan columns, enigmatically woven, resembling the characters themselves.

Billowing Rattan Columns
Billowing Rattan Columns

The design team has executed their signature style; a hybridization of 3D digital technology with traditional craft. The natural and renewable rattan material conceives over a sprawling 30-meter-high space with digitally generated structures. The whole outlook recalls spice & barley’s anchorage as a craft Belgian beer destination. The bulbous and curvy sculpting relates to the free-flowing liquid geometries mimicking the pouring of beer into a glass.

Billowing Rattan Columns

The sweeping rattan columns flawlessly frame the backdrop of the three sisters, nodding to the Sichuan cuisine. The visually inspiring gold-painted rattan functionally serves to hide the beer pipes, air-conditioning and other related services, paying homage to the statement that ‘form and function should be a spiritual union.’

Billowing Rattan Columns

As the lounge restaurant overlooks into the Chao Priya river, the mesmerizing rattan structures intoxicate a visual semblance to the high rise towers beyond. The intricately woven geometries surge the ceiling in a continuous balustrade of twists and turns, and the illumination inside bounces to revoke itself as a vibrant beacon from afar.

The design ties emotionally at Spice & Barley colloquially invoking an Asian fusion, a marriage of ideas, crafting a space in which the spectator naturally senses the empathetic blend between the client minor international, and the architect.

Project Name: Spice & Barley
Architecture Firm: Enter Projects Asia
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Client: Minor International
Construction, Installation: Project Rattan
Completion: March 2020
Photography: William Barrington-Binns

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