Daily tous les jours created two interactive installations for a neighborhood

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Two interactive artworks by Daily Tous les Jours, an art and design studio based in Montréal, are part of a new downtown district in Cambridge, Ontario. The installations, named River Lines and Hello Hello, aim to tackle the current challenge of fostering community connection in newly developed neighborhoods while simultaneously creating a public space that generates local pride.

“Hello Hello,” is an interactive poetic messaging system at the entrance to the Gaslight District that transforms vocal communication into music and light. Inspired by the children’s game of Broken Telephone, passers-by are invited to deliver a greeting or message at one of three microphones at the base of the arch. Voices travel up and over the 13m luminescent arch accompanied by shafts of color, transforming into a playful combination of visuals and sound. When voices from multiple microphones meet, they interact with one another to create a singular harmonic moment. The arch is framed by an impressive, sculpted façade designed to reflect the movements of clouds and the lights.

An interactive musical pavement named “River Lines” can be found at the heart of the Gaslight District. It encourages people to participate in a spontaneous musical ensemble in the main square. The pavement has a wave pattern and is equipped with sensors that correspond to various instrument sections. By moving across the surface, individuals can illuminate squares, play different instruments, and notes. The harmonization of these notes creates a rich orchestral tapestry.

Daily tous les jours co-founders Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat comment: “The first step to community building is saying “hello”, and yet with society’s shift to online interaction, we are forgetting how important it is to greet each other and connect in person. By encouraging playful, day-to-day rituals, Hello Hello and River Lines experiment with new ways of igniting social interaction – helping to reimagine this newly created public realm into a lively place where people engage creatively with their surroundings and each other.”

Scott Higgins, President of HIP Developments, and developer of the Gaslight District said: “Using music, light and imagination, Hello Hello and River Lines play an integral role in the revitalisation and revival of the district, transforming it into a place of social interaction and play for urban dwellers. One of the most important jobs of a city is to facilitate joy and connection between its citizens, and Daily tous les jours have a fresh and experimental approach to creating these moments of shared joy that bring strangers together, and make them a little less strange.”

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