ArchitectScripta uses AI technologies to design the facade of a residential building

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In the center of the Athenian suburbs, the BUTterFLY, designed by the ingenuity of ArchitectScripta, is a unique architecture project. This residential building, spanning five stories, distinguishes itself as a unique yet captivating construction that challenges traditional design conventions. Infused with innovative features and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it creates a transformative narrative of urban living.

ArchitectScripta, known for its avant-garde methodologies, integrates AI technology into the fabric of the BUTterFLY project. This integration goes beyond the ordinary, using animation software and AI data to delve into new dimensions of architectural design. The result is a pure Autonomous Form, a myopic exploration of topological geometries that reinvents traditional house typologies.

The building, constructed from recyclable materials, adheres to the philosophy of bioclimatic design, meriting it an exemplary A+ rating. AI takes center stage in the project’s conceptualization. It kindles thought-provoking dialogues concerning the interplay of evidently distinct elements—like pink caviar and translucent bubbles or the intricate harmony between suspenders, strings, and mercury. The infusion of AI technologies, particularly 3D animation software, introduces an innovative dimension to the architectural discourse.

Nefeli’s PHD research of Allusion became a cornerstone in shaping the project’s narrative. Through a verbal approach, images are created using indirect correlations between words that defy the confines of conventional architectural thinking. This raises profound questions about the potential cultural identity of AI, challenging the architectural audience to adapt to a new way of thinking. In a deviation from traditional academic norms, ArchitectScripta perceived AI as a design tool with a unique perspective. In contrast to the prevailing notion of using AI software indexically, focusing on spatial experiences and materials, ArchitectScripta uses Allusion as a tool. This conceptual strategy aspires to attain indirect access to reality, cultivating a new way to perceive design.

The BUTterFLY project highlights ArchitectScripta’s fascination with the concept of suspension. In conclusion, the BUTterFLY stands as a beacon of architectural ingenuity, where AI and unconventional design paradigms converge to create a distinctive urban landscape.


Project Info

Architects: architectScripta
Area: 1000 sqm
Year: 2023
Lead Architect: Nefeli Chatzimina
Principal Architect: Nikos Papavasileiou
Associate Architects & Engineers: Damianos Chatziminas, Anna Sapountzaki, Konstantinos Chatziminas
General Contractor: Nexus Properties | Dionysios Fotakias
City: Athens
Country: Greece
Photographs: Erieta Attali

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