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Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey

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Woodbox, The Wooden Welcome Pavilion by Atelier Vecteur

Woodbox, Welcome Pavilion by Atelier Vecteur in T0he Center of The St Côme

French architecture studio Atelier Vecteur has designed the ‘Welcome Pavilion’ for the festival of lively architecture held in montpellier, france. In the middle of the saint cômes courtyard a monumental wooden cube is conceived. Built out of over a thousand timber sticks of different lengths, the rectilinear straight cube frame provides a provocative invitation to the public from the street. Once situated in the courtyard, the visitors can explore the pavilion, where the structure reveals a juxtaposition between two seemingly contradictory forms—a straight, stiff cube and an irregular egg-shaped protrusion.

Front of The Welcome Pavilion

Timber Stick Detail of The Welcome Pavilion

Interacting Within The Space

Information Display

Interior View from The Welcome Pavilion

> Via designboom

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