Twine by Antony Gibbon Designs

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Antony Gibbon Unveils His Twisted Sculpture-like Concrete House Aligned Through the Landscape

Twine’ is a twisted sculpture-like concrete house designed by Mexican architect and designer Antony Gibbon.  The architect unveiled his project by sharing seven images on his Instagram account. The building’s new concrete structure is envisioned as a new residential typology that pushes the conventional boundaries of architecture.

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Made of a series of twisting spans of concrete, the house undoubtedly becomes a part of the landscape since it doesn’t create a sense of feeling of a house from far away. 

Rock House 3 by Amey Kandalgaonkar – Parametric Architecture

Rock House 3 is a fictional architecture project designed by Amey Kandalgaonkar ‘s on top of the desert rocks. Shanghai based architect reveals his designs on Instagram as a single post with seven images. Amey Kandalgaonkar continues his investigatory series of fictional architecture characterized by its radical relationship with its context.

Large undulating surfaces continue throughout the landscape and create its own interior spatial quality in different sizes and variations. Each fluid part under this shell is designed for a different program of the house, including a sleeping space and a kitchen lounge.

The outer skin of the house is made of concrete where it sometimes divided into glazed surfaces to open up the structure to the landscape. The design offers a distinguished architectural language that mixes art and architecture in a fluid motion. 

Embracing nature’s forms as a source of inspiration and pushing the boundaries of architectural design, Antony’s body of work has gained world-wide recognition. 

Antony sees the environment as an important driving force behind his work, each structure is individually created to consider the surroundings using sustainable materials wherever possible. 

He aims to create the connection between Nature & Nurture, seeking a path to merge one into the other. To combine each unique, bespoke structure and its individual habitat and to develop harmony, so they grow together.

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All images © Antony Gibbon

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LakeHouse By Wafai Architecture – Parametric Architecture

Turin based architecture practice Wafai designed the LakeHouse as a vacation house for a small family. The house is located in Switzerland on the lake Türlersee. It is supposed to be a vacation house for a small family including a couple and a baby on the way.

The Wave Villas by Dmitriy Kuznietsoy – Parametric Architecture

The Wave Villa is a concept design by Ukrainian architect Dmitriy Kuznietsoy in Bali, Indonesia in 2018. The exterior form and the interior spaces of the villa are shaped by a wave like form by connecting all the walls and ceiling together.

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