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the 3D-printed Emotive Garment
© Photo by Criss Gomez

The 3D-printed Emotive Garment, ‘HeartBeatDress,’ has been released by Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion-tech designer, in partnership with a top crystal manufacturer. The garment captures and broadcasts something incredibly ‘intimate’ to the user as a provocation to be true to the emotions. Besides, if you like to read more about fashion-tech designers who redefined the fashion industry through their pioneering projects, click here.

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According to Anouk, with the advent of the Modern Age, technology provided us with the freedom to examine limitless possibilities via ever-smaller electronics. She has linked human bodies with electronics through robotic fashion design. She combines haute couture aesthetics with digital technology that investigates behavioral, neurological, and emotional states via sensory engagement. Her forward-thinking approach considers high-tech fashion as a way we process emotions and their consequences on our brains and bodies.

Wipprecht’s concern with the intersection of human behavior and digital couture led her to create more than 60 costumes, systems, gadgets, and prototypes that all respond differently to diverse stimuli. ‘HeartBeatDress’ is her latest deviously disruptive invention that employs built-in sensors, robotics, music, and light to react in rhythm with the wearer’s pulse.

3D Printed Dress

© Photo by Criss Gomez

Anouk started working on the project to examine the emotional relationship between the crystal and the heartbeat in Wattens, Austria, the home of Swarovski crystals. In collaboration with Shapeways and Niccolo Casas, the dress was produced using digital design tools and 3D printed in PA-11 using Selective Laser Sintering. It evokes the concept of the spine because of its vertebrae-like form, which emphasizes the relationship between architecture, fashion, the body, and technology.

the 3D-printed Emotive Garment
© Courtesy of Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk prototyped this outfit using the BIOPAC MP40 technology and the PACIS pack. These, when combined, provide a modular data collecting and processing system for life science research. Anouk believes that one can create more cost-effectively and quickly by using such solutions. She says that working with the body is fascinating because you can extract a lot of information and use it for fantastic interactions. In this instance, fashion becomes an interface — something that conveys something that is maybe ‘hidden’ from you.

Suicide Moonbeams

© Courtesy of Chrystabell

Chrystabell, an artist from the United States, uses HeartBeatDress in her most recent video. The objective of the video clip ‘The Suicide Moonbeams’ is to open the heart and the dimensional portal. FashionTech is a crucial component of our future’s holy-aware clothes. Melana Abramov / Dame Productions, Director & Producer of the video clip, states that the electronic frequencies of the HeartBeatDress merge with the lyrics of Chrystabell.

Emotional Wellness

the 3D-printed Emotive Garment
© Photo by Keenyah Hill

The designer is particularly interested in helping issues related to health and well-being. “Millions of individuals confront the realities of living with a mental illness each year; how can we develop technology and solutions to assist people in being a little more real and a little less ‘forced’ towards themselves?

The 3D-printed Emotive Garment represents that, with the visual elements of the vertebrae (literally the spine of your body keeping you up) paired with one of the most delicate organs of the body: the heart.

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