Tag Espresso Kiosk’s curved shingles spread over the surface, creating a cartoonish atmosphere

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Tag Espresso

Tag Espresso Lujiazui Coffee Festival Pop-up Store is the first modular pop-up store system of its brand. It was designed by Studio YO-U and Atelier TUO. The Tag Espresso pop-up stores consist of two primary modules, a straight one and a curved one. The former is 0.9 meters in length, while the latter has a turning angle of 22.5° degrees. These modules can be joined together and are flexible in composition. They have a standard size of 3.6 meters high and 2.1 meters wide, with an interior width of 2.1 meters. This provides ample space for front and rear counters, coffee makers, grinding machines, fridges, and other equipment.

Pop-up stores are temporary businesses that are opened to attract customers. They are often set up in squares, parks, and malls, and they come in varying conditions. The pop-up design system aims to give the brand a unique image while increasing building efficiency by using modular components and reducing waste from cyclic utilization. This system can fit into any type of scene. TAG ESPRESSO often uses cute emojis as a brand image, which they also intend to continue in pop-up stores.

Tag Espresso

The side elevation of the pop-up store is designed to look like a house. It has curved shingles that spread over the surface, creating a friendly and cartoonish atmosphere. The shingles are campaign blue, and this color can be seen through them. Inspired by Jean Prouvé, who pioneered prefabricated housing, the main structure of the kiosk is assembled from steel tubes.

These tubes can be installed on-site using screw bolts. The outer layer of the pop-up store is made of red cedar, which is a commonly used roofing material. The shingles are interwoven in traditional pavements and gradually tilted from the bottom up, allowing natural light to enter while achieving rainproofing.

Project Info

Project Name: TAG ESPRESSO KIOSK at the Lujiazui Coffee Festival
Location: Shanghai
Area: 36sqm
Architects: Studio YO-U, atelier TUO
Design Team: Zizhi Yu, Tuo Lin, Xintian Lyu
Contractor: Shanghai Yuju Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd
Contractor: Guangzhou Ouzhan Metal Decoration Products Co., Ltd
Photo Credit: half.half.photography

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