RMJM Milano Unveil Biophilic Sanko Headquarters Tower

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Sanko Headquarters

Inviting nature into the architectural form ushers in a lot of tranquillity. RMJM Milano encourages spatial interactions and metamorphosis to design the competition-winning new Sanko Headquarters in Istanbul. The design landmarks among other selected prestigious firms for their sustainable and innovative features. The designers’ visualization carves and sculpts creative ways to implement the striking form with contextual fervour in every aspect of the design. Integrating crucial utilisation of the local resources, they have adhered to the best sustainable and innovative parameters.

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Luca Aldrighi, Director at RMJM Milano, said “For us, it was important to find inspiration in the local scenery and we found it in the magnificent caves of Cappadocia. The whole idea for the building was to resemble a monolith carved out and rising from the earth.”

Sanko Headquarters

A cuboidal volume rises in a rectangular site, stretched and modelled to weave an interactive zone within its surroundings. The form treads with horizontal and vertical fenestrations at various levels in dramatic strides, appearing to be shaped by the forces of nature. A central void scooped by a waving angle extends from the ground to the roof, inducing an implosion of natural light.

Every floor in Sanko Headquarters weaves a green galore across openings and cutouts. They improve the quality of the ambient air and breathe a natural wave into the building. The exterior facade embellished by strips of green landscape contrasts with the solar radiation, diminishing the temperatures experienced inside the building, thus cooling and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Sanko Headquarters

An auditorium and a restaurant locate the ground floor and the upper floors host the office and conference rooms. The building attaches service and parking spaces inculcated by an innovative system for storing rainwater that waters the greens on each floor and other nonpotable uses. The domestic greywater recycles and transfers to toilet flushing and irrigation, reducing pollution of the local water body.

The illuminance of natural light falling through the void brightens the atrium with an ethereal aura. The photovoltaic panels installed on the roof allows for reduced use of electricity. With this sustainability-focused design, Sanko Headquarters and RMJM Milano configures and composes a willingness to bring a positive impact on Istanbul’s landscape. The landmark building’s construction is due to be finished by 2023.

Founded by Sir Robert Matthew and Stirrat Johnson-Marshall in 1956, RMJM Group is one of the largest, most geographically and culturally diverse architecture firms in the world. With studios across five continents, the RMJM family can share knowledge, expertise and design talent, enabling them to think quicker and act faster. Working stronger together, they are global enough to make a difference while still being local enough to be personal. Through a shared vision of success, RMJM has spent over 60 years creating a legacy of world-class design.

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