PA Talks 28 – DesignMorphine Webinars

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ParametricArchitecture continues its interview series, and on this episode of PATalks, we had with us the prolific master tutors of the DesignMorphine Webinars. Alejandra Rojas, Alejandro Garcia Gadea, Madalin Gheorghe & Aleksandar Bursac was in conversation with PA exclusively on their wide-ranging topics – Procedural Assemblies, Spatial Synthesis, Biomorphic Networks & Hyper Skins for the DesignMorphine Webinars.

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ParametricArchitecture was proud to be part of this enlightening interview, and we hope to bring more interactive and thought-breaking discussions in the future. The 21st century has embarked on a global transition through the age of computation and parametric design by breaking boundaries. These insightful classes will catapult you into a fine-tuned level to understand how the configurations and synapses integrate and evolve the designs you dream.

About DesignMorphine

It is a global creative design hub. They focus on workshops, lectures, projects, and explorations. Thus, the firm strives to combine learning and teaching elements of trending design practices in a condensed way. Along with the DesignMorphine Founders they are a team of 29, defined by a multidisciplinary approach to design and its education. However, The team strives to engage in conversations and dialogue to share experiences and learn from each other. They go by the code of teamwork in any project’s capacity, be it a workshop or architecture.

Check out the DesignMorphine website for more details about the webinars.

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In the PATalks interview series, PA’s founder and creative director, Hamid Hassanzadeh, sits down with leading architects and designers to discuss their lives, careers, and visions for the future. Watch/Listen to the episode or subscribe on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts to catch the whole series.

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