Ouchhh and CERN collaborated for the first AI-data spatial painting in space

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Ouchhh made the first AI-data spatial painting in space, the Human Cell Atlas Project, in collaboration with CERN. This artwork launched on a journey with a Nova-C lander named “Odysseus,” carried by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 1:05 AM ET on February 15th. This mission, executed by Intuitive Machines, aims to mark the first American spacecraft touchdown on the Moon’s surface since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.

“We are beyond thrilled to announce a monumental achievement that has been a dream of ours since childhood. Ouchhh Studio has officially become the first studio to exhibit an Artificial Intelligence data painting art piece in space, marking a historic milestone in the history of New Media Art.” said Ouchhh.


The objective of this initiative is to unite scientists and designers in an effort to map cells within the human body. The designers launched on a creative journey involving utilizing single-cell RNA-seq data.

The initiative was established in 2016 as a global open-source project, and has since evolved into an international community comprising over 2300 members from 83 countries and more than 1000 institutes. The community now includes biologists, clinicians, technologists, physicists, computational scientists, software engineers, and mathematicians.


The designers added, “This isn’t just art; it’s a poetic tale, an artistic self-portrait of humanity, sketched not with brushes but with lines of code and torrents of data.”

“Our artistic odyssey harnessed the vastness of The Human Cell Atlas Project, leveraging cutting-edge tools like single-cell genomics, auto-encoders, PCA analysis, and the tSNE algorithm to manifest a masterpiece that transcends dimensions.”

“At Ouchhh, we’re painting a new chapter in the history of art and science, proving that the power of AI and human creativity knows no bounds. This venture into space is not just an exhibition; it’s a statement about the endless possibilities of human creativity and the innovative spirit that drives us forward.”

Ouchhh made more than 50 projects worldwide for too many festivals and institutes, such as Ars Electronica, CERN, NASA, Google, and more.

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