Nuclear-powered futuristic sky hotel can stay in the air for several years

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Have you ever imagined a holiday on a sky cruise?

Hashem Al-Ghali presented a video explaining all of the features and sections of this sky hotel, which is based on Tony Holmsten’s architectural idea and redesigned and animated by Hashem Al-Ghali.
Sky crews is a nuclear-powered futuristic sky hotel with a capacity of over 5000 guests. Its elegant design blends commercial plane elements with luxury sky cruise amenities such as a large hall with a 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Nuclear-powered futuristic sky hotel

It will have shopping malls, sports centers, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, children’s playgrounds, theaters, and cinemas. There’s also a part for planning events, such as a sky cruises wedding. Why not?

Two exterior elevators with a magnificent view link the levels of the main entertainment deck. According to Hashem Al-Ghali, there is no reason to be concerned about the carbon footprint of a sky cruise. Its 20 electric engines are fueled entirely by pure nuclear energy, and a tiny nuclear reactor works a well-regulated fusion process to offer endless energy to the sky hotel. In this way, the “nuclear energy hotel” never runs out of fuel and may stay in the air for several years without ever touching the ground.

Nuclear-powered futuristic sky hotel

Hashem Al-Ghali, also has a solution for air turbulences. They plan to build an artificial intelligence system that can predict air turbulence minutes before it occurs. When any possible air turbulence is detected, the system will automatically prevent any vibration, so passengers will not feel the turbulence.

The concept has received diverse reactions from social media platforms, especially on YouTube.

“If physics and aerodynamics didn’t exist, then this vessel might actually be able to take off.” – J Tompkins

“The designers at Fisher Price must be proud to see their vision come close to reality.” – KLSYFY

“I must say, one of my recurrent dreams features this plane. More precisely, it has the glass dome in the middle, white rooms with beds, and a smaller version of the mall.” – A. M.

“It’s interesting as a concept, although unfeasible. Still, a good exercise in creativity. Perhaps a mega airship, powered by a small atomic reactor, is more viable. It would be a kind of floating citadel.” – tarquela

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